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Attached to ADDRESSV 125S.
Installation is easy. If you can desorb Cowl you can DIY.
I feel that the light intensity is somewhat missing. Less than NORMAL.
Color temperature (6000K) Coupled with it, it is hard to see when you are dying or when it rains..
I want around 4500K.
It is a light with strong directivity characteristic of LED, so it is good for others to notice.
Although NORMAL can cut at about 15,000 km, it is inexpensive,
I wonder if Cost will match even if I can not cut the scrapped car after this.

Mounting on HORNET 250. I was able to install without making any processing well with making details. Compared with Light originally attached, the range illuminated brightly became wider and the sense of security increased. Cutline also appears beautifully, and it looks satisfactory both in terms of appearance and practical use.

I had attached JAPANLED until now, but the Controller has broken down and it does not come out
I tried God of thunder g 2 at that Timing.
Because the vehicle is ZrX1200DAEG, it is Square TypeLight.
Optical axis, luminous intensity, installation and so on are nice, God of thunder is the Quantity of Valve LEDTip : Pair (for Left and Right) Into
Since it is installed, when you run and run, the reflected light before is taken by Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is divided into 2 cars
It seems.
Furthermore, because it is a square light, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Elliptical light on the wall of (Glare?) I'm pretty curious..
I think whether it is not worrisome if Round Light.
Other than that, I am satisfied..

HeadlightHouse of JA 07 is narrow and it is HS5 with few compatible items, but it was a pon attachment.
Valve 's Heat sink was reinserted inside out so as not to interfere in the LightHouse.
Controller removed Leg shield and installed in Frame behind Air cleaner box.
■ Distribution and brightness
When viewed from the front Valve attached to ▽ is Low, only one side on the sky side, High side and two sides on the ground side are added.
Light distribution is in a crescent-shaped shape with a downwardly pointing low, while light in a circular shape is superimposed and overlapped with low light.
Brightness is Halogen ([Color] Clear) I felt it about 30% increase of.
■ Ideas
It is four times as expensive as a light bulb, I would like it to last long, but since there is no fan, durability is anxious. I decided to always have a light bulb for when it runs out (OK with change of connection)
Also, the electric power of 10 ~ 15 W for the warmth is sent via the power supply socket to the smartphone ? wireless ? I plan to use it to charge a flashlight.

At first we installed an inexpensive LED of about 1,600 yen, the Low beam came down in about a month and it got broken, even if it was slightly high I installed and found a certain Manufacturer item.
There is no problem using 2 months. A one-year product warranty and easy-to-follow Instruction Manual will still give you a sense of security.
Even with mopeds, the LED becomes bright enough, and AssistHigh beam is also effective.
The challenge is price.

Mounting on 69 Bates Light wearing w 800.
Although it seemed possible to be able to wear somehand without machining, since the line was bent and it was scary, I opened a Small puncture which will be the way of Wiring's escape. Thanks Stress-free. Wiring such as Blinker also goes into Bates Headlight.

I do not quite understand compatibility with Bates Headlight, but it is considerably brighter than Halogen I used at least until now. The color temperature is 4500 k.

New ModelSTREET TRIPLER (765) Mounting on. (Since there is no R in the option, it becomes RS.)
It tried and tried quite a bit to install, but once you grab hang you could easily store it in Headlight cover.
I ordered 4500 Kelvin this time, but the impression of using it "It's White than I expected" is.
If we say 4500 K we assumed color similar to OEM's Halogen, but even when looking at daytime it felt like white.
Of course it is a feeling that we have not secured the brightness that we assumed, in the evening or in the morning.
It was clearly easier to see at night than OEMHalogen.
However, it seems that the optical axis has fallen slightly, so it may be necessary to adjust the optical axis.
Ray Brick 's LEDs are somewhat yellow - colored even in the same Kelvin and Heat sink itself is so thin that people who want a more yellowish color may be better.

14 year type CBR 250R (MC41) It attached to
H7SingleLow beam LED

Brightness became brighter from Halogen, I also tried night driving, but it was easy to see.
I thought that the Control Unit was easy to hide if it was Motorcycle with Cowl with automatic for Vehicle Compact.

Although there is description also in conformity table, 2. 8 mm Adapter is required.