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SPI (Special Parts Ihara) menawarkan berbagai sparepart aksesoris untuk HONDA Monkey, NSR50/80, motor skutik, dan lain-lain. Produk SPI terdiri atas bodywork, rearset kit hingga knalpot yang berfungsi untuk meningkatkan performa motor di jalanan.

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Actually I was expecting muffling performance, although it was loudly ordinary though, it was warranted as if it is good from Cool!
Would it be nice if we could reach Up a bit more if possible

Thanks for SPI line up for TZM parts which is hard to fine nowadays. I bought this racing position kit because my boots toe rub as the circuit ride. It is good that I can choose the step positions and also the installation is easy. I also think the price is reasonable.
After installing this kit, I rub my toes rarely. The hose length and mounting method should be changed since the rear brake master cylinder position is shifted.
I am fully satisfied. I would like to advise to people who ride TZM and not changed your step position to get this kit before sold out.

First, it is expensive. Although it is
, there is worth of that. The
exhaust port is also small good touch!!

sound is mild touch. interference -- nothing -- vv

In OH(ing) a Front fork, since it was special, the Initial Adjuster
was attached. I think that it requires a hang very well although attachment was easy in it being unexpected.

although it came out exactly, thickness also came out enough and the position of the Bolt carried out, it was sorry for a big crack to be.

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-- that which the way which existed says although you may not be.
SPI Logo does not stick. It is disappointed only there.

"After all, attachment was easy, although I thought that the muffler is cool in a center or 2 and the chamber of 2 was chosen. However, the bottom is completely lost and it became hard to ride awfully. As it is 50cc, using two on the character of a chamber have only a demerit. Although it may become somehow according to the setting of a carburetor, it is quite hard to move only by attaching as it is. Well, since only the appearance was good, it is three stars."

Although you may not be, it is that which the way which existed says.
SPI Logo does not stick.
It is disappointing only there.