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SPIRAL menyediakan cover jok untuk motor motocross dan enduro seperti CRF250, WR250, KLX250, dan masih banyak lainnya. SPIRAL juga menawarkan jok yang mampu membantu menyeimbangkan Anda dalam mengendalikan motor.

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A friend asked me to purchase & install the proxy.
I used it also for my CRF 250L
quality ? Texture confirmed.

Logo's Rubber Edge was Blue. Because CRF was Red ...
Maybe the color is different for each Manufacturer?

Regarding installation, I have been going through many times and have been experienced
Although I'd like to say that there is no problem ...
It is not a problem of goods, the undulations of the back of Seat of WR are intense
I could not stop it well with Tucker on hand

The texture looks good and the footstep is not as good as Cool expected. Seat It may be good as an exchange of tears but it is subtle as an improvement of foot.

I tried Seat stretch for the first time.
Because it does not fit properly with Daiso Tucker,
I pushed it in Driver and stopped it.
As Seat cover is exclusively for the car type, so it is solidly cut
It was easy, because the tip of Tank side was also Draping.
The impression which got on grips more moderately than the OEM, but SIDE
OEM same etc. Because it does not disturb the operation with ease.

I thought about OEM's BlackSeat, but in this case
It was a correct answer..
There is no impression, but it is a good item.
Those who are considering it is recommended.

It is slightly lower and the width is wider as described. So the footstep is not amazing improvement, but there is a little sense of security. Butt pain is somewhat good. I feel that the texture of Seat cover is rather rather OEM. Mark is Blue, is not it Point.

Very easy to use in town rides, forest roads and touring

Initially, I was using DAYTONA's Low seat with concern for feet but changed to kore Large Correct answer
The butt does not hurt, it is easy to load, it does not slide as well, it looks cool as well (laugh)

I changed from the epidermis of NORMAL.
First of all it looks like a textured feeling on the surface, a luxurious feeling came out.
It's good to make, it's finished close to OEM Product.
The effect of anti-slip is absolutely Large, when NORMAL, it was fixed that Gap before Breaking.
I feel that the pain of the butt has become a little.
I will leave the PRO to the reclamation.

I purchased it because my butt hurts when I am on a long distance.
I thought that it is comfortable to sit with the thickness of Cushion and I bought High seat.
When sitting down, Cushion was harder than I expected and the Seat high was also high.
Test drive result, pain in the butt has been improved a bit?

Because it is soft it has a close feeling and preference seems to be divided
Recommended for people with short hands to sit before
Long distance makes it easy
It is hard to break and there is little infiltration of water