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SPOON menawarkan berbagai pilihan riding gear mulai dari wearpack balap hingga jaket riding dengan harga terjangkau. Sarung tangan SPOON memiliki desain yang simple dan mengutamakan kenyamanan Anda saat berkendara.

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ottima tuta, la possiedo da qualche anno, fatta verificare da professionisti del settore della pelletteria e tute, confermata l'ottima qualità. La versione estiva pesa 7 kg... molto spessa, molto protettiva. excellent overall, I have owned it for some years, checked by professionals in the leather goods and suits, confirmed the excellent quality. The summer version weighs 7 kg ... very thick, very protective. translated by Google Translator

I bought it after examining various information compared with Jiku. It is an exchange from DAYTONAGold.

Although the braking power goes up, control nature did not become so severe so much.
It will be effective as you clench in.
There is no problem even at low temperature. I have not tried Wet yet.
In poor state Caliper or Master cylinder Pad alone may be dangerous instead.
It is generally good, so you can recommend it.

This is Metallica 's Pad 3rd exchange. It's only working this way!. It is the 2nd Pad exchange by exchanging with Rotor of SUNSTAR. Circuit and Pass and Touring. I wonder if 20 thousand kilometers are there.. It is Pad of Recommendation!

The moment when Pad and disc engage is easy to understand, and subtle control is very easy to do. Braking power when grasping is also powerful. Braking power is also high Control It is a good Pad which is good. I got a value, but it was worth it. I would like to buy another if you have good.

I've been doing Mini bike race for a long time, but I think that there is not quite a lot of Brake Pads that will respond to the thought of Rider so much.

For most Brake Pads, braking is somewhat weak if Controllability is taken, and Control is difficult if braking property is taken, but this Normal specifications fulfills both wishes.

Life is also long. There are also few attacks on disc.
It is 5 years Repeater. I used it a lot, but this is a really good Pad.

Regarding the braking force, among the Pads currently on the market, the highest level Level.
It is a type effective from the initial braking, but at the same time the rare Pad that also has controllability.

Also, the back plate is thicker than other products, due to repeated Hard Brake
Since warp does not occur even when high temperature is applied, it is also a point that Touch does not change.

That's why the price is getting higher and the COSPA is not good.
However, some experts seeking performance up to that point and Pad of Level who does not complain as for the competition.

Conversely, it is said that it is more than necessary for Rider, which will never repeat the hard Brake to that extent.

With simultaneous exchange with bremboRotor, I can not judge the effect of only Pad, but it became very effective.
I do not know whether it is a combination or an individual difference, but Brake squeak is now available.
Caring does not stop even if the chamfering of Pad is carried out politely, but it does not matter much while driving.

In Circuit, I grasped Brake with feeling until now and decelerated too much and Time was about to fall. Since it is easy to control, there is no anxiety at all.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Because I was satisfied with using another car model.
【How was it actually used?】 Touch - braking - Life is satisfied.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 None
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Since it is Brake, let's keep the basics firmly. It is very dangerous to look sweet.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] None
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let us know if there are any improvement points; - - -
【Have you compared items?】 Vesla Metal pad

I used it on other models but I Repeat at this Sale.

Feeling in GSX 1100S
I switched to Radial master and the control quality was very good, but Touch's softness suffered because I did not like it suddenly but because Pad was also NORMAL,.
I hesitated at a high price but heard that Life was surprisingly long, I decided on this product.
Nisshin Rapon is used for Nisshin opposed 4 pods but the result is Large Correct!
Thick thanks to the back plate Touch also got a sense of stickiness, the initial braking is also Large Width Up. Still it was easy to control the control after grasping, I had three beats.
I remember that Life was able to run quite a distance. (There is no use in Circuit)

This time the GPZ 900 R with brembo Radon and the bremboCasting caliper Spec. But I am very much looking forward to it..