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Sprint Filter

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I used it in YZFR 1 and I also made this Motorcycle this.
In YZFR 1, initially I used it as BMC's Race, then Mace's Race, but changed to SPRINTFilter's STREET with my friend's recommendation
This is SPRINTFilter this is whether I felt the first effect by replacing Air cleaner.
I am changing to SPRINTFilter 's Race now, but my friend' s Motorcycle is high for Air Flow as it will not run properly as the fire level becomes thinner when for Race is applied.
DustAbility intends to judge in future use process.
I used both STREET and Race, but I think that Airflow has increased considerably in STREET.
This time I installed it on the increased RC 390, but the engine racing up significantly at the same time with Slip-on Silencer became much better.

Trying to pick up the actual thing and making it really Italy ??? is about Plastic part is rough.
Although it may be only the individual that I bought, of course, it is only the individual bought by Fillet part with the file, but it seems that it is not stopping at 7 Bolt 1 pc does not enter and watching the Clearance with the Air cleaner Box from the side I saw that the claws are not matched or interfere with the Air cleaner Box and it does not close tightly - - -
Currently 1 pc which is stopped by 6 pcs is kept in the Large thing...

The Instruction Manual is not included, and the A4 paper on which the introduction about how this Filter is good is printed as it is is entered instead as it is written in this item description page.

Two Stickers are bundled, but here is also printed with a household Printer in the early 2000s Graphic is coarse and the part of the Black letters on the Red site is not very read but it is better not to expect it Corner.

Power up is not a big deal, but for those who are going to eyes to small places like us, because work is rough for the price, it is wisely to purchase another company's Air cleaner quietly.