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Stak menawarkan tampilan riding terintegrasi, tachometer, sistem modular Data Logging, dan perangkat lunak analisis DataPro yang mudah digunakan & canggih. Lebih dari 30 tahun, Stack sudah menjadi pioner di dunia motosport dan teknologi Data Logging.

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I put it in Normal meterCase so that there is no discomfort from NORMAL.
As for installation, it can be attached by processing of Meter cover.
Shiff Trump is placed in MeterCenter to improve visibility.
The movement of the essential needle responds at a speed which moves to Direct and can not be tracked by Normal's Tachometer.

It is United Kingdom Stack octopus Meter, Clubman tachometer ST 200.

MODEL I bought before, unlike the current MODEL, Black dial - Red needle - It is Blue lighting.

As a benefit Steing Mot Motor driven, needle Response is very good.
The diameter is also φ 80 mm, the operating range of the needle (angle) It is also easy to see because it is Large..
External Switch - If you add Indicator, you can also use A shift is light, rotational speed Memory function.
Waterproof structure makes Large durable even in rainy weather.

As a disadvantage, it is hard to install.
On us we can attach to OEM's MeterCover
I made and installed DURACON's Housing with a lathe.
Also, because there was no Indicator, we had to install another Indicator.
On the key Neutral - Blinker - A shift is light was added by LED.

Although it was hard to install, it is totally different from the OEM octopus meter and I am extremely satisfied.
The rest is Speed ??meter (ST3852) Perfect if you attach?

I was drawn to its water-proof, electric, and stepping motor, and first bought it in 2007.
It had a blue lighting and a red indicator then.
The design had been changed to white lighting and white indicator later and it had been catching my attention, for I thought that I could uniform the design of my meters with the new part.
And on one cold morning of 2014, the old indicator fell off.
It didn't come off. It rather snapped off from the edge of the disc and landed inside the case.
It was probably because of aged deterioration and thermal contraction.
Although there was some part on the disc left, it could not search its origin when started and just spun around. It caused the indicator to always point off the mark.
I've asked GARUDA INC. for repair, and they told me that it could be refined for value even if the warranty had been expired.
Yet, since I found out that it was going to take approximately 3 months to send it to them and was going to cost me about 30,000 yen (approximately US$300), I decided to buy a new part at Webike.
Since I just needed to replace it with the same old part, the wiring was already done. I just needed to rivet the terminals of the meter, and set the number of cylinders.
The color didn't match at all. The bulbs were completely different. Only the tachometer has a monochrome texture.
But anyway, the inner side of the glass doesn't get fogged even on rainy days, and the indicators doesn't jump anymore! I probably will be able to use it for another 7 years!

It attached with Z1100R.♪ which will be a wonderful product if even setting out is performed as a description with a kitchen although time was taken in setting out for a while -- I am glad and it becomes it being alike and doing in a Helmet (^O^)

The Meter of TZR250 (1KT) is transplanted to SRX, and a Tachometer is exchanged for this.Since a path does not suit, it has been processed.Although he thought that he would make it EXCITING DISPLAY, it is too large and gives up at the
beginning.Next, since the digital Display is hard to see although he thought that he would make it ST700, it dismisses.But I think that it was good selection.
There is no excessive function, and since it is simple, it is dramatically legible.A backlight also has no problem.The Meter of a DAYTONA is a great difference.Although even
is that a price fluctuates with a currency Rate, dissatisfaction is an import and is unavoidable... [ of br ]

It purchased by the addition after ST200 previous Clubman tachometer. It is the completion of attachment safely at the favor I had the prompt action made although there was a Trouble in the time of
delivery. Dramatically convenient, since it shines red and tells about, even if it does not see the needle of the
Tachometer. Although it is not necessary in the
Street youth, I consider in a Circuit that it is better to suit.
Although this also stretches a price, they are goods to attach by a Set by all means.