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STAGE menyediakan berbagai emblem khas motor model Monkey, Zoomer, dan lain-lain. Emblem dari STAGE memang jenisnya aksesoris ukuran kecil, tetapi dapat membuat tampilan motor Anda menjadi sangat unik dan berbeda.

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It became good touch (^^).

Adhesion is too weak. I felt it was the adhesive strength below curing Tape. Will it increase in viscosity after a while?. Adhesion strength to the extent that it does not fit in that Tank shape was unexpected. Because it is a Clear color, it floats and it gets dirty soon with Garbage which entered here. I will buy a new one.

【Purchase motive】
I was planning around footpeg around FZ1 and I got cheaply the footpeg peripheral Parts of FAZER 8 so I tried to put this product on the Plate part of Heel Guard of Aluminum Ground.
With this Seat Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I think that you can get the type of 3 Set. As the hole of Screw is easy to float and tighten Screw, the surrounding Seat will also be screwed so do not tighten Screw at a stretch and slowly tighten Screw and at the same time think that it is good to extend the float of the Seat around the hole I will.
Because OEM's Heel Guard is easy to get scratched depending on how to ride and the Boots you are wearing, I thought that this Seat is good as it protects and looks good. I think that it will be useful as it can be used for Cowl.

it stuck on the Helmet in the MONKEY riding Appeal! saying structure, since it stuck also to the curve of the
Helmet perfectly -- it is --
-- although it was used for about one year, there was also no peeling.

It is a Tank pad of the Carbon type of an ELMARD raw material.
There is unevenness of the firmly three-dimensional twill instead of the merely only printed cheap thing which often exist as
, and texture is high. The Pad itself has thickness considerably and there is a high grade feeling. Although the Design constituted in a straight line is common, it is not asserted too much, and it is smart. Since it may be more suitable to call it a Dark gray in practice although it is Black, color is attention. Although it thought that in addition to the simplicity of form the Tank of various Designs probably had flexibility since the
> Pad is divided into three piece, regrettably adsorption power is not quite satisfactory. The Tank was degreased firmly, after positioning certainly, it faced by the one-shot deal, but it did not stick to the strong field of the R firmly, but however it may stop strongly, touch with an end has been lost. I think whether there is any problem in a smooth broad Tank.

After all, all are removed once, and after being able to carry out a Parts cleaner drastically, being and dropping adhesive power on the back in the least, it is used once again, sticking thin double-stick tape. It stuck firmly to the extent that it stuck too much this time.

Although sticking again freely became difficult, there is sufficient durability in a raw material and I think that that's right, it will carry out and will use rate OFF for a long time.

The character of back SUZUKU was removed and stuck. since it stuck under the Dragon Sticker of the
Wyvern --
-- although it has become with lower [ some ] a little, it is very much satisfied.
For H and the last a separating, when sticking, it is surprise just for a moment.

It is not a Carbon although seemingly it is an appearance Carbon. The Cutting sheet of an ELMARD sheet. Since there is a

molding sheet, it can start in a favorite form easily, the coking property of a sheet is high, and durability is also high.
Since it is a quite big sheet also at this price, a fairly big Parts can also be stuck.
However, if a molding sheet will cut with a ruffian together with an ELMARD sheet considerably when it starts, it does not go out very much finely. Since the Scissors was used this time [
], the end taste will be dramatically delicate.. (when smile

starting, I would like to use a Cutter and a Knife)

Although the Carbon sheet of a Manufacturer has been tried variously until now, he has a feeling near a No. 1 Carbon (twill). Since it is lusterless compared with a genuine article Carbon, Carbon products are quite good touch in One-point use, although a difference comes out. Since the sheet itself is thick, when [ a little ] sticking on a curved surface, a Technique may be in it. Conversely, I am easy to stick a flat portion very, and think that they are goods which are easy to cut. If the rest has setting out of a little larger Size, it will be the highest.