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I installed on LITTLE CUB 88cc Bore up, but I could not attach it. It interferes with Brake pedal. I covered Brake stopper with Hose which was cut in a circle.
The fitting accuracy between the Exhaust pipe and the Exhaust System is not good, it painted and adapted the liquid Gasket.
Sound is Large and low sound, good sound
Welding traces are also Beauty
Is performance owing to better coming out? Low speed Torque becomes thinner and high rotation becomes like feeling of extension.

Look for SUPER CUB 90's Exhaust System, and finally clipping point and
I narrowed it down to two of Nana Company and made it worryfully here.
From the conclusion, it was Large Correct. First of all, making is perfect. Although it is divided into two, Joint parts etc are high in accuracy, there is no room for liquid Gasket to enter. Welding beauty, Parenthesis of modeling, and Large thing exhaust sound is better than anything. It is not quiet Exhaust System, but it is a good sound quality that does not feel that volume. It's not a bad sound, it's a comfortable heavy bass. Carburetor's setting and poning are pears altogether. If it says daringly, it may be best to raise the main jet by 5th position, but this will be the category of individual differences of Machine. Although I said something I want to say variously, if there are those who are doubtful with CUB's Exhaust System, it is definitely a recommended item.

Style, I felt the quality appealing and purchased.
Easy to install with comprehensive picture with commentary.
I prescribed the regulation Torque also so I think that there is Torque wrench.
Although it is impression of wearing, it first refreshes appearance.
When I start running I think that Torque has decreased a bit, but I think that the 1st gear has become Mild.
SHIFT UP will accelerate pleasantly if you delay it by about 2 breaths than usual Timing.
The growth after the mid range has become clearly better.
The sound is modest and the sound quality is not vulgar so it is not a tiring sound to hear.
It is CUB which I ride everyday in commuting, but Character has changed and it became a more white ride.
Thanks to this Exhaust System.

I was wearing this Exhaust System for about 3 years, but since I was damaged in the accident, I purchased the same one.
BEET of welding is very beautiful Finishing is very good.
The sound is rich in bass and is no longer the sound of CUB. Baffle wears pretty well because the volume is suppressed, so when wearing a neighborhood it is wearing and it is removed during Touring.
Torque of low rotation was the same as NORMAL, and the fastest speed was also the same as NORMAL.
Considering quality and simple design, this exhaust system is the only one, so we made it the same.

I bore up MD50 to 75CC and because rust floated on the OEM's Plating Exhaust System and the service life approached, I bought it to improve performance and look good.
As it was, as the volume of the high revolution became Large Kiku neighborhood trouble, when you installed the Baffle it became the Large fractional volume. After that, the MD50 was equipped with Center StandRubber on the Exhaust System side of the OEM, so it was solved by attaching Rubber to the legs of the STAND like the photo. The finish of the Exhaust System fits in love with BEET with beautiful welding. Since the low speed Torque is further up, we plan to change the secondary speed reduction ratio from T16 to T17.

"The impression which I opened a box first is beautiful anyway. Structure and finishing of details are also improved very much and it is completely different from the one which is attached in cheap stay and band. Sound is not too large, and tone quality is also dramatically decent, and it is a good impression and it is very pleasant to ride on the cub. While most depression of a low speed torque is the levels which are not worried, and if an axel is opened, it will be accelerated by the power which was not until now. And if it was usual, when pulling out the axle shaft of rear, the muffler had to be removed, but the axle shaft could be pulled out, with the muffler attached, so that I was impressed by that it was a cub special manufacturer truly. However, in the tightening torque of the screw currently written to the description, since I think that it is clearly dangerous with torque shortage, I consider that it is better to fasten with the torque specified by a manufacturer. It is completely satisfactory although only this point is regrettable."