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STEALTH memproduksi control part seperti stang, raiser stang, segitiga atas, dan lainnya untuk motor motocross dan trail. Aksesoris STEALH memiliki keakuratan dan kualitas tingkat tinggi serta desain yang menawan.

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Ulasan Produk STEALTH

Motorcycle is D-TRACKER, purchasing TAR 1. Purchased along with Pro taper's Clamp, based on word of mouth. I think Cool as texture and appearance. Color could not purchase Black, so I reduced the Minus 1 by Cost performance, but it is a complaint without a complaint.

To respond to the initial defective item of the crack in the Clamp section, we had the new item retransmitted, but its Handlebar also had cracks..
I think that Handlebar is an important part for safety, so I would like you to inspect and ship it properly.
Those who purchased it would be better to check once.

I purchased it because I used it with a different vehicle before and it was good feeling. I finished installing on the vehicle safely and tried trying to go ride, found that there are two cracks in the Clamp section of Handlebar Brace!
Looking at Review, it seems there was the same defective item in the past, so it is very anxious because it is a very important part for safety called Handlebar..

While I was careful I intended to tighten the included dish Bolt, but I licked it.
I think that it is my fault, but it is obviously different from the domestic Bolt, so be careful.
Preparing several Washers makes adjustment easier.

Since various Manufacturers are issuing Bar pads, I will end up suffering with other people by all means.

What is different from people!

Renthal, ZETA, Motorcycle Manufactureretc ? ? ? Bar pad industry showing the appearance of the female ruling.

And I want to make personality The one I chose this time is Stealth.

People who know it, Practice robust Pipe Handlebar Manufacturer.

And still not reviewed.

Of course, I have never seen a person wearing it yet.

I will enter into the main subject.

With Handlebar around Silver or Black, it is just like a TRAIL car, so I just thought it would not break this atmosphere!.

To install, just wrap the Sponge on the Bar pad and finally roll the Seat.

It is not gorgeous nevertheless, the astringency of Large people is out.

Dimensions are not different from common Bar pads at all.

I did a good shopping ♪

It installed in XG250 TRICKER.
It can not be attached to Steel handle because it is Bar End relation.
There was no choice but I bought the company's Aluminum Handlebar, "SS" Clamp has come over Print of (Lol)

Lightness is quite.
The shape is also quite good.
The price is expensive as the total price (Lol)

I slipped it down from the installation day, but it was frustrating, but I never got it (Lol)

Although it is WEC at the end, it is a Recommendation because you do not have to worry about Wire types too much.

It installed in XG250 TRICKER.
The texture is quite nice, but Crack was in the installation of the Clamp Bar.
Since I do not have time and return is also troublesome, I decided to install it as it is.
Size is exactly the same, and Wire can also be used as it is (Lol)
Immediately, I tried dolphin in the near field, but the rigidity seems to have improved.
Besides Clamp Bar I think that it was a very well-made bar.

I used ZETA's Hand guard in another car model before, but it is obviously lighter compared to it.

I think that the influence on Handling is also small.

However, since the anti-rotation of the attached Hand guard is chatty, I use the anti-rotation of the optional Hand guard which is coming from ZETA.

I attached it to the Normal handle of XTZ 125, but I can install it without particularly large processing.
I think that it is necessary to adjust the angle of Lever somewhat.

Also, since Handguard comes into contact with Brake hose when it should be turned, it is better to change to Banjo of anxious character.

Hand guard is a necessity if going frequently to the forest road because Lever breaks, protects the hand from the trees, and when you roll it is sandwiched between Lever and Grip and you do not cut your finger.