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Sepatu boots Stylmartin dibuat oleh para ahli yang berpengalaman dalam bidangnya dan mampu memproduksi produk yang bernilai seni tinggi. Sepatu boots produksi manufaktur asal Italia ini dikenal sebagai produk yang menggabungkan kenyamanan dan fungsionalitas tinggi.

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I found out if I was looking for Riding shoes to put on Casual.
It's a dirty windy design..
If it says, it is a dirty way like walking Asphalt road surface with rainy shoes in the rain LOL

Size feeling is slightly larger than Large.
I usually wear Sneakers 27. 5-28. It is about 0, but this time I feel like just a little Large in 43. It is exactly like adding Insole.

By the way, breathable Spec. As it is, it is not Mesh but Leather, so it's okay.
It may be better to add Insole as described above with Mesh structure.

Also, although it is a Shift pad, comfort is good because it is not hard.
Still Martin wore it for the first time, but I will continue to include it in the future.

Delivery date contact is around November 1 and it will be about 10 more days, the delivery date contact has been entered. In fact it was delivered in October. What was that contact?.
When trying on it, the calf is slightly slim.
Type should be adjusted with a string, but the string is converted to Design and has no meaning..
Also, the BALI treatment of the gold tool in the string through hole was not good, I cut off my fingertips.
There is a problem with quality as far as touching PL method.
You better buy a cheaper domestic product and repeat the replacement if it gets broken.

Even when riding Motorcycle, it is very easy to use even after getting out of Motorcycle.
I can only say Italian is cool.
Size It's a little Large so it's better to choose a person who usually wears 26 cm EU 40 Size.

I usually wear 30 centimeters wide, so Nike and Converse are not 32 centimeters if it's not 32 cm wide.
This Boots is 47 centimeters 30. It's around 5 centimeters.. Although it was slightly narrower, I think that you will be familiar with it while you are wearing it.

It is hard to understand in the picture, but because it has SIDEZip it is easy to sew it or to wear it. I do not have Zipper loosing or anything else at the moment, but as I go up and down, I feel a little chewing and I am sorry there. Although there were wrinkles peculiar to leather goods, I think that it is safe to buy it by watching the actual thing if you care about the tolerance range.

It can not be helped because it is leather, but it seems to steak. Waterproof nature is unknown as it has not been used in rain yet.

It is created by leather with adaptability and a high grade feeling, and it becomes a favorite just as it lets a guide peg pass. Although there is also a
shoelace, since it is a Fastener actually, it is quite easier than a shoelace Type.
It may be caught in the case of taking up and down of only one point and a Fastener.

It purchased as an object for repair of the Stealth Racing boots of a still Martin. Since the plastic part of a Boots has been deleted at the time of
Circuit run fall, it is
exchange. Although
> exchange can be performed easily, it is necessary to purchase the uncle Cover
of the outside and an inner side together moreover with one pair of right and left, and a thing unnecessary in Cost will also be purchased. If
can be carried out and it can purchase for every parts, there will be no futility.

Since the Boots itself is a large sum, it is still saved that a repair article can purchase by WEBIKE.

Since the outside of the Racing boots could be deleted at the time of a fall and stripes were carried out in the Circuit, it purchased as an object for
repair. Since it is the
> Plastic, it is dramatically helpful that a STEARTH Boots can be purchased as
repair parts since a crack is certainly attached.

However, since it becomes purchase with a Set by one pair of right and left,
purchase also of the Parts of how to twist necessity will be done. What is necessary is just to be able to purchase for every baht.
Since the small HEX Bolt for
attachment also follows perfectly, this point is saved.

It purchased as repair of a still Martin STEARTH Racing boots. At the time of the
fall, the portion which this Band stops will be able to be deleted and it will be lost. the construction material of the portion which this Band stops although the
exchange itself is easy -- to a slight degree --
-- it is easy to be strong.

Is that the Parts for repair of this still Martin STEARTH Racing boots can be treated by
WEBIKE however saved?