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SUN AUTOMOBILE menyediakan produk bohlam lampu halogen dan bohlam lampu HID. Bohlam lampu SUN AUTOMOBILE sangat awet, pencahayaan terang dan kualitas terjamin.

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I use it for a while..
With CarbonGraphite, oil leakage is fully shut down. Cleaning is easy without sticking at the time of replacement.
As a measure against Heat, also for Head cover METALSpec. I want you to make.

Very reliable gasket kit. Reinforced viton center o-ring seal last longer. The base gasket with metal core prevents gasket from tearing in case over-torqued and seals well. The H-cover gasket may still need some sealant to prevent seepage but I love the preformed lining. I have used MLS head gasket before but not a two piece so I am excited to see the sealing properties with the center o-ring together.

I like the shape, but my wrist may be painful if I run for a long distance.
I like this from YB Type.
Feel like Large in Onihan.

Mounting on GSX 400 during Restore.
With the new registration, I was concerned about the light intensity of Light, I decided to install and purchased.
Just looking at the items, as far as the installation instructions were found, it ended with an extremely simple installation.
Just change the item between the line connected under Light and just connect it to Battery, even if you are careful not to pinch the line between Gold genres etc., it will take 1 hour or so It was work..

Although there is no photograph before installation, it is a state that it feels realized that it fairly brightened by the feeling that it attached.

OEM Regulator is in the 10th year for Puncture,
In the meantime I will turn on the MOSFET type.
For machining diversion purposes to other types of vehicles, if Wa Big's photos are as street photos as
I thought that other than Coupler will not change, purchasing MOSR-FX with stock for the time being.

Pleasant miscalculation of arrival, OEM RegulatorBracket and Size are Exactly
The Body is almost the same size, the height of the center fin is only about 2 mm higher than the OEM.
Process only Wiring and finish.
There is no problem at the moment, and what will happen to the load on the generator side in the future.

I wanted to try this gasket because it has a steel core in the middle and fiber coating on the outside. This way when you torque the head the gasket will not crush and the piston does isnt too proud. So far with this gasket ive had no oil leaks just make sure the head is level and clean and you will have no issues with this gasket leaking. Make sure you get the right bore size for the engine they make a few.

Essentials of EngineOveralls.
It seems to be more durable than OEM.
Oil bleeding from the classic head cover is not present at the moment.

It was Rigid mount at Bracket of KIJIMA, but because the position of Headlight was not good, I installed it.
Under bracket can also be used as it is in the same position as NORMAL.
I think that it is gentle to a light bulb as it becomes a Rubber mount.