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Ulasan Produk SUPER NUT

There are occasions when it is worrisome when the power of the mobile is small, purchased before long trip of Large Osaka.
In the Instruction Manual, it is written that it is used only when the vehicle is stopped.
While running, I gave it up, but when I was stopping at a stop or during meals, I charged it when the Motorcycle engine was stopped.
Although it is not full charge, it is feeling that it can charge 10% in 30 minutes.
I wish I could charge while running ? ? ? Well compromising and using it.

Battery management of Motorcycle is very troublesome
You may remove it but the watch [Color] It will be cleared ...
At times like this
Very convenient with one-touch just connecting
Even though I was Zubora who had not used several batteries in one year
It became safe now
It's Recommendation

Although it can be used normally, if the illuminance of the LED is strongly not pressed with the finger, since the character of the displayed part can not be seen, I do not know where it is shown ... Well I should remember it lol
I think Cost performance is good.

We did not have a Charger during last winter season but regularly warmed up the engine, but this winter we purchased SUPERNut and used it immediately. It is possible to use it without problems for goods for the price.
I charged Motorcycle Engine with half moon charge, but it seems that I can charge well around Cell well.

Very hard when plugging into the Plug
I did not stick straight unless I inserted it straight
Plug cap is not closed cleanly.
Startability got worse than OEM.
Even if you return it, it will be kept waiting for many days until you receive a reply of OK
It was very troublesome so I decided to return it to OEM.
I will never buy the items of this company again.

It is a situation where there is no problem after installation.
I wonder if OEM Product is fragile as it is if I should move without trouble as it is, it is uneasy how much the item I got this time. We will consider re-purchasing again when it gets broken.

Because it is a low Engine Displacement Volume, I thought that it was necessary to release the loss and I was wearing it. There are times when you use excessive Exhaust System and high revolution frequently, and I think that it is feeling somewhat effective, and I am using it.

I can not feel the performance thing, I'm a bit sorry.
Body coveretc. , It is disappointing because it became attachment of considerable parts removed and it is not worth the work.