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SUPER TRAPP memproduksi berbagai knalpot dengan model yang unik. SUPER TRAPP membawa sensasi riding Anda ke level yang lebih tinggi dengan suara, model, dan power knalpot yang luar biasa.

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I like the Super trap's Exhaust System and it is a Brand that is almost attached to the successive Motorcycle.

I wanted to affix Brand logo's Sticker to my car, and went around a few PartsShops in the neighborhood, but I did not find it anywhere, but found a treatment with Webike!
Moreover, it exhibits at a certain Oakage Site - It is cheaper than the selling price.

I immediately ordered and affixed it to my car Mud Guard.

I am satisfied with the Aluminum Hairline style Sticker, which makes the Aluminum silencer Exhaust System on board to visit France!

You need this Bolt to achieve over 20 discs.
It was tough and accurate, and it did not break even when using over 30,000 km without Maintenance in particular.
It's just a bit expensive.. When I bought it a while ago it was a bit cheap,
Still it was about 3500 yen.
Since it is a long Screw, attention is required for tightening. If you make a mistake the Screw hole will be bad.

By the way it is InchScrew to substitute so we can not substitute for Millimeter screw.
If OEM Length is about, you can arrange with Screw store, but Long Type will not break
like (← may also consider workability) The bottom of the neck has not cut a few centimeters Screw
I think that substitution is difficult because it is built.
Material is also not a common type SUS 304, so it's scary to substitute frankly.

I used Aluminum and Stainless megaphone.
Aluminum has a distinctive feeling of that dry feeling, Stainless megaphone is Mild.
Stainless megaphone sounds louder in volume itself.
Stainless megaphone is more Mild and has a feeling of Torque. This is because the overall chief is
I think that I can earn it.
In any case, spatula has a lot of precision at the junction, and plenty of liquid Gas
Evacuation will leak if OEM Band is not tightly closed.
The precision of the mount part is gum machachi, the product planned in Japan such as for APE etc.
It came cleanly, but for ME06 I bought a long time ago (Direct imported one?) Was not good.

As a caveat of Stainless megaphone, the surface is not brown and brown hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.
If you feel like Aluminum spatula you will burn your skin.

It was introduced in the original magazine when it was released, and I bought it immediately.
Although it is slightly expensive, Silencer parts at that time are Large bodies Such a price is (Lol).
It's not only expensive, but that's pretty solid..
Although it is a simple structure to open and close by turning the disk inside, accuracy is high so as not to leak,
Bolt is devised not to fall down.
The mechanism can be used in MaintenanceFree, but it is better to move the disk on a regular basis.
Although it is possible for price, if it is difficult to say it is somber.
Flat shape with no protrusions, so it is really silky.

A Super trap follows GB250 and it is the 2nd set.
With a Setting being possible in its use rotation region, since he likes tone quality, use. [
] Although it is wearing of a plate in
, since six holes
Have direction strictly although they enter anywhere, please take care. If it sees well like the
> picture, the portion of a border has a slot. If it equips
So that 2 slots may gather, the gap of each plate will become the fixed. Since
back side has a stamp of super trapp, you may arrange it.

Very well, since the soot of a Carbon accumulates in the crevice between plates, I remove for every month and am doing
cleaning of.

Although the Aluminum End Cap was used for SR until now [ attachment

], the End cap of the
Stainless suits SR too.
> -- especially therefore, it is how -- even if called ?, it is troubled, but for itself, it is

It is a Repair kit of 3 inches of Super-traps Megaphone (external). The tone quality of
> Spatola will be a Muffler in which an Overhaul is possible, if
Maintenance Beginner also does his best although liking is just going to separate.

If you buy this Kit and plate, it can do by itself.
> -- this Muffler is an outstanding Muffler as knowledge with budget prices which can also buy a Torque, and tone quality and sound volume with the number of sheets of the
plate. Although the

engine performance is pleasing, since Spatola's tone quality is individually disagreeable (smile), it is the End-cap specification of four
plates, and is aiming at silent & low-pitched sound-ization as much as possible. The
> Visual, and tone quality and sound volume should refer to the following animation. The animation of
HD is the newest.

the six patch diffuse disk is look very great. Its is more thick than my old disk. The sound is good.