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Super Value

Super Value menyediakan berbagai suku cadang dengan harga terjangkau, seperti kampas rem, jok, dan lampu motor.

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Produk Baru Super Value

Ulasan Produk Super Value

The price is cheap, but it is used without problems.
It can not be used for Aluminum Handlebar to correspond to Steel handle.
Because it is a semi-matted black color, roughness of the finish is not conspicuous.

Sem dúvidas o produto é de excelente qualidade e atende todas as minhas necessidades. Bom custo x benefício, apesar de infelizmente o envio para o Brasil ainda ser caro. Tão bom quanto a peça original, deu uma nova vida para a minha yamaha jog 50cc. Without doubt the product is of excellent quality and meets all my needs. Good cost x benefit, although unfortunately shipping to Brazil still be expensive. As good as the original, gave a new life to my yamaha 50cc.(translated by Google Translator)

До этих колодок стояли колодки из Китая. Эти колодки мне показались более цепкими. Колодки не скрипят, выглядят отлично. Время покажет как будут работать. Пока они меня устраивают. Before these pads there were pads from China. These pads seemed to me more tenacious. The pads do not creak, they look great. Time will show how they will work. While they suit me. (Translated by google translation)

This Manufacturer also used ADDRESS V 125 which I was riding in earlier, but there was a sense that the braking distance increased slightly whether the compatibility was not so good.

I thought whether the PS250 is the same, after all I bought a few and bought it, so I do not want to skip it - - - So I think that there is quite a feeling of braking when installed. In my own sense.
I hope it stops and there is no problem at all if I drive normally.

Because there is no groove at all, drainage? I thought that braking distance would slip when raining, but it was unexpected Large durable.
Also, I feel that normal feeling is good, so I think that it will be divided into people's preferences afterwards.

I bought it for gold price adjustment for free shipping
Would you consider it a good price for the price?
It seemed like that.

I think that it is the cause of my own environment
RightHandlebar side (Throttle side) If you attach it to a feeling
Does it interfere with Throttle cone or Grip? Since Throttle's return is bad
Is it a place like caution when installing it?.

I have used it normally because it has no problem at all. Although it may be good to cut off by identifying and interfering with something, it is a problematic part about riding and moving, but it is negligible.

I do not recommend this Seat. Seat is difficult to close because the accuracy of Seat base is bad. When you remove Rubber from Metbotsu's district, it closes normally.