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Superbike83 memproduksi sparepart untuk motor tahun 80-90an yang masih sangat populer saat ini. Knalpot buatan Superbike83 memiliki desain klasik yang tak lekang oleh waktu.

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* Bundled contents and brief explanation are stated in the product to be delivered.
Although there is description in the explanation, since there is nothing actually in it, please be careful for those who are not confident in maintenance.

Since I bought an old Motorcycle, I was concerned about rust of Bolt kind, I decided to buy by polishing Covers, but I bought it right answer.
Performance etc. It does not rise, but I am very satisfied myself. Although other people wrote, I can save the trouble of going to Homsen, I think that it is a good product like Cost.

When I wanted Accent and I was looking for Stainless bolt I got various things that my head became a Taper and color, but I bought this item with Cost performance.
Bolt itself had no problem at all.
But XJR 1300 did not have Bolt of Pulser Cover, 2 Quantity : 1pc. It is a subtle place whether it is dedicated or universal because it is supposed to be 23 of them.

It is the best fitting I've ever used. There is no storage of Pocket etc, but the texture of the surface is good Simple and you want to use it even if it is not rainy. I will judge the durability from now.

The accuracy of the product is also good, it looks (Welding mark) Also beautiful and amazing.
I was able to attach the attachment easily, without processing..
Because the Dress-up effect is outstanding, I think that it is a recommended product.
However, since the attached Bolt which stops the Exhaust Band was slightly shorter, it is about 5 mm more if possible
It will be saved if it is long..

If you are wearing other people with royal road Manufacturer such as Renthal or Pro grip and you have noticed a variety of Manufacturer - - - Cool, for Off-Road goods Manufacturer of old-fashioned manufacturers, easy to use!
I fixed it with Wiring but the groove through which the Wire passes also is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There are three places in both, you can fix it to Beauty.
The shape is Half waffle, the part which is FoldFold is half, the part of normal flat asperity is halved.
It is good Grip condition that FoldFold at the top of the image can hit your finger.
The soft Grip gradually tears by receiving Damage manually when installing or causing it from falling. If it is too hard it will hurt my hands while holding it.
On that point, this product was just right..
The image was used for about a year, but there was almost no wear, and when I used Parts cleaner it became clean like a brand new item. It will last forever as long as it is not used for Race.
People who have never exchanged Grip please try it. The surroundings of Handlebar are always in sight so it is effective Large!
You can fix perfectly with glue and it will not stray even if you apply force! Let's prepare when you dismount it is Large strange!

It is completely inconspicuous!
I bought this set for not rusting.
Since there is no Instruction Manual, I do not know how far Exchange is supposed with this Set.
I properly exchanged one pc at a time, but the length of Bolt does not match and Bolt has surplus.

Because it is Simple WhiteBlackColor and Design, I think it will fit the approximate Grip color of Large. The durability is now, but the Print character is not likely to disappear easily. Although the price seems to be a little cheaper, I thought that it was useless because there was a crown of SCOTT.