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SURFLEX adalah produsen asal Italia yang mengembangkan dan menyuplai sparepart kopling berperforma tinggi untuk motor Ducati. SURFLEX menyediakan sparepart kopling untuk berbagai keperluan mulai dari berkendara di jalanan kota hingga balapan di sirkuit.

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Ulasan Produk SURFLEX

I will put this in some day.

The model of the ANO silencer set additionally was purchased.
Although it wavered with S-titanium of the nojima, it carried out here by the smallness of sound volume, and the low price of the price.
A good point.
Since appearance is modest although it will be the most pleasant motorcycle if it rides, a parenthesis becomes good for a while by the presence of a muffler.
Since weight weighs about 19 kg as for a pure muffler, it becomes fairly light and an aggressiveness walk and stand credit become easy.
seemingly although a quiet pure exhaust sound is not bad, either, they are 4 cylinders of air cooling -- it becomes sound good.
Even if it turns, the sound volume itself is not like it, either.
There is torque of enough even in a low rotation region, and the ease of riding which is the greatest virtue of RC42 does not change.
A bad point.
Since it is a stainless raw material, it is that taking only needs to be maintained [ which can be burned these days unlike the mainstream thing made from titanium ].

I recommend to the exchange from normal.
I think that it is thought that a power down is exchange from a slip-on or full exhaust.
Since he likes a design from the first, regret is not carried out, but it is the engine performance equivalent to normal.

It purchases by breakage of a normal muffler.
Although it wavered with aluminum, the color was seen and decided promptly.
It is an amateur of a degree very much at attachment, and is about 2 hours.
With [ although it is tone quality ] no complaint! Touch like [ it is not too annoying, is not too quiet, and ] the normal of a paddle wheel.
Right [ of the appearance after attachment ] is carried out, and it is 縲?
Individually, it was large satisfaction.

Although a tourer is put in and one year or more passes, it is changeless to the engine performance, appearance, or sound, and feels the merit of the quality of a moriwaki.
In the state where it is putting in as it is without the ability to buy a main jet, as for the engine performance, intermediate speed and high-speed elongation become good.
(As for a low speed, torque becomes thin a little) Since it is so quiet that the engine mechanical sound is louder if it is the feature that the low-pitched sound at the time of idling sounds and it turns, sound may be felt unsatisfactory.
Although riding of a speed is good certainly, there is no dramatic change on a physical feeling.
I think that total performance -- fuel consumption's not having fallen and a price are cheaper than normal -- is excellent.

It has been one year or more since the tourer was put in.
It is changeless for the engine performance and durability is a moriwaki truly.
The comment which rode as it is without changing a main jet are the touch to which high-speed elongation became good from intermediate speed (a low speed becomes thin a little).
Although sound is gentler and it is the touch which sounds low-pitched sound, if rotation is raised, the direction of an engine sound will think that it is unsatisfactory to those who adhere to sound about [ large ].
It is whether although going up of rotation and the elongation of road speed have become early certainly, there is any impression on a physical feeling not much.
I think that total balances also including fuel consumption are excellent.
It is the touch which raises several [ No. ] main jet, which will be rich and which is likely to be extended by Kami for a while.

Iron Bean-jam-filled wafers of the same MORIWAKI (Monaka) It is an exchange from.
Naturally, it will be very light.

Exhaust sound, volume - There is no big change in the sound quality.
The apparent Impact changes dramatically.

As we actually use it, there is a beautiful quenching color!
Driving, mud splashes and insect etc etc. And unnecessary patterns and so on will increase.
This was not supposed before use.

As time goes by, it is necessary to make things that extra color increase taste
I wonder if it will be high shopping!
Every run, it changes from the original beautiful state.
Would it be the best dish if it seems better than rusting?

It is transmitted perfectly calculated and being produced.

The favorite is divided, but the shape of Hand Bent I am more Tight to Frame
A little closer to machine bended 100 points

【What made you decide the purchase?】
- Off Car Exhaust System-like shape
- Off Exhaust System-like color of a car (Matte Silver)

【How was it actually used?】
In order to improve looks rather than performance Up, MORIWAKI's Exhaust System (ProductNo : I changed it for 01810-6J1K6-00).
Off By the Exhaust System-like Design like a car, CrossoverStyle which is a 400X Concept is emphasized and satisfied (^_^)
The weight is also about 1 compared to Normal muffler. 5kg (36%) It was lighter and I was able to experience the effect by turning back and walking around.
By the way, the volume was somewhat larger than NORMAL, the bass sounded good sound..

【Mounting was difficult?】
Although I asked the Motorcycle supplies store for installation,
- You do not have to remove Under Cowl etc. at the time of exchange
- Do not use Spring for Exhaust pipe connection
So if you are a person who has exchanged the Exhaust System, it is not difficult to install.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
Installation is omitted because it was asked to Motorcycle supplies store.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I ran about 2300 km from the time of installation, but it is not particularly so for now.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Nothing in particular.

【Have you compared items?】
- MUGEN : Slip-on Silencer System
(https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21406392 / )
I like the shape, but because the color is glossy Silver, I purchased this Exhaust System person.

With the relation of waste Gas regulation, 16 years MODEL (G type) For the case below the following items are compatible.
- Slip-on Silencer MX(ProductNo : 01810-6J1N4-00)
(https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 23389154 / )

* "The 12th Impression Con test" (https : / / www. webike. net / campaign / 2017 / 11 / 20171201_impression_contest / ) I am writing Impre with reference to the Template that was prepared at.