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SurLuster didirikan pada tahun 1949 di West Coast, Amerika Serikat. SurLuster mengakomodasi kebutuhan cairan kimia pembersih kendaraan bermotor yang pada saat itu mulai populer hingga saat ini, dengan lini produk yang cukup besar dan mencangkup manufaktur kain microfiber hingga aksesoris sepeda motor maupun mobil.

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Purchased for caring for water during car wash. Previously I was using CROSS from another Brand, but after all washing, the moisture will remain, so I was expecting water absorption.
Beyond that expectation, this CROSS will wipe off firmly without leaving any moisture. So it's easy to construct Wax and Coating afterwards.
After that Large Kimono is characteristic. For Motorcycle, I think that it is about Large too much, lol, but there is reliability that I will absorb moisture accordingly.

It is the best among the CROSS used up to now. There were many goods that there is no fluffy feeling on things with good water absorbing power and water suction power is not good when ordinary fluffy, but this time I met the best product.
It is fluffy and absorbed drastically. It is perfect for wiping up and Maintenance. In my case I use it not only for Motorcycle but also for car 3 - Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. I think that it is good to be Repeat. It is high because it is one piece so high, but I am convinced if you consider quality. After washing, I did the washing, but it seems that it will not be damaged and it will be used for a long time. Well ... Truly SurLuster

Although the synthetic Chammy is used at the time of the car wash of a car, this one of a Cost performance is [ why ] completely as higher as the about [ twice ] amount of money of this product and the function itself are the same as this product.I think that I will also change a car into this product.

It was used for wiping of a Wax.
-- compared with an ordinary CROSS, it is alike quite glossily and is finished.It is easy-to-use for hardly becoming unevenness.Although it is expensive, I think that there is worth of that.

It uses for wiping of a Wax.
That which also says a feel by not attaching a crack easily anyhow is the feature.
If it washes with neutral detergent even if it becomes dirty, it can use any number of times, and since it is cheap, purchasing again does not become pain, either. It is good also for wiping after the
car wash, and if valued, I would like to buy my own car by all means.

since it is thinly stained with a crack in chemical fibers, such as a Towel, --
-- a soft Fiber cross is recommended.
I am using for wiping of a Wax
from wiping of the waterdrop after a car wash. Cannot leave the
Wax, it can be wiped, and a crack is not attached, but it can feel easy, br, > carry out and use.

[Webike Monitor] Since it is hard to wipe off only by the Sponge of
SurLuster Wax attachment, if you buy it simultaneously, I will think that it is good.
Individually, it is pleasing that there is no stitch.
After using, he washes with detergent and is trying to dry.

It becomes gloss as if it polished by the Polisher completely. It may use, thinking that about one sheet was deceived anyhow anyway well, or I must not decrease, and think that there is no loss.