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SW-MOTECH menyediakan crash guard, sistem bagasi untuk motor adventure, neo-classic, dan supersports. Produk SW-MOTECH memiliki desain dan fungsi yang sangat baik sehingga membuat motor terlihat menawan.

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Gembok Anti Maling dan Kabel Pengaman untuk Tank Bag EVO mantap!

Inner Bag TRAX ADV mantap!

Since removal is easy, when not using it, removal is done simply.
Even if that of removal is troublesome and attaches as it is, it is good not to break the image of a car body.
It is user-friendly and structure is also solid.

Since ordering is impossible with Catalogue and home SW - MOTECHSite, I ordered it with half price, but it arrived properly with ACTIVE treatment.
It seems to be able to push out Small branches that jumped out with a steady Steel than I thought, but the shape ? I think that it is better to think that it is Dress-up parts on the structure.

? It is a bit heavy as BALI remains in the mounting holes and iron

?KIJIMA ? It can not be used with Helmet lock, you must remove Helmet lock

For Rider, I think that one of the most familiar ways of loading luggage when going out for a tour is use of Tank Bag. It is very useful for loading small objects such as maps, digital cameras, and valuables. However, in general Tank Bag fixation method is Magnet equation many times, although it is using strong magnet, there is a possibility of Gap and dropout especially at high speed, and also Tank scratches are worried.

We have been using a non-contact type Tank Bag made by a non-contact type that we wear using a special Bracket for ten years. Initially there were restrictions in terms of capacity and load weight, but recently these shortcomings have also been improved to the Large range, and various products have been sold from many Manufacturers, and options have also increased. However, Tank Bag which can be attached and detached easily and can supply power internally is only the product of SW-MOTECH. If you prepare a number of EVO Tank Ring, you will be able to use it between cars of your choice.

Option products are also substantial, there are also Waterproof Inner bags prepared separately from the included Rain Cover, Map Case and Smartphone Case, as well as Lock set for anti-theft.

Up to now personal imports (Acting) There was only one way to obtain it, but recently it became handled with ACTIVE, so it became easy to obtain, and in terms of assurance it is safe as well.

Incidentally, it is released from Y's Gear "Tank Bag Tour" It seems to be an OEM product of Tank Bag TRIAL. Y's Gear Electric (Power supply) Spec. There is no handling, but if you acquire Electric Tank ring and Top ring separately, ElectricSpec. It is likely that you can. Since we are the Yamaha party, I'm dreaming of someday to be Tank Bag of Y's Gear (Lol).

It was madein China.
500 mm pet is also not as strict as a pet

The most useless point was that the printed Ink was included in the product as the manual was enclosed.
By the way, I could not clean it. You probably did not sell for a long time.

The next most fatal thing is that Zipper was not stopped Zipper.
I bought it because the design looked better, but it is a bit disappointing.
I bought it with Point so I will rent it.

Good shopping was made.
I was looking for Tank Bag's Lock type, I found it, I decided it promptly.
I also have a good texture, and since Screw of Stainless Steel also had 2 Type, I think that it is kind.