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SWANS merupakan sebuah merek kacamata Jepang, yang dipakai oleh banyak atlet termasuk atlet pemenang Olympic. Lensa dan kualitas busa spons SWANS dirancang untuk selalu menjadi yang terdepan dibanding produsen kacamata goggles lainnya.

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Ulasan Produk SWANS

Even if you are repeating the number of sheets as it is thin [Color] It is Clear. Those that did not use after Race are removed again and then they are installed again. Although it seems that the mounting hole will be broken because it is thin, I use it without problems.

I have Enduro out Season 10 warfare. It is a Lens school who throws away without Roll-off. Three to six piles are stacked at the time of race in the rain, but cloudy etc.. There is none. There are things that can be seen as clouds when there are thicknesses on top of each other, but there is no problem with this item.

OEM and quality, accuracy is expected for expectation. Smoke addition and subtraction is also optimal. Very easy to see in the daytime, less fatigue. It is easy to see at night.. However, because of Coating, the surface of the Lens is not smooth and it is easy to get cloudy dirt.

Because the Wens of Lens has become conspicuous
I bought it for Replacement.
I got lost as Clear
I chose this product in the daytime dazzling measures priority. Still, just holding in the room
Because it is a good feeling,
Fly forest road Touring?
I'm going to throw up.

Because of Gray sight is not dazzling even in fine weather and visibility is good. Compared to the DRCLens that became out of stock, the price is high, but it is also domestic and quality is no problem. Domestic production is probably the best.

Lens color is Smoke (SMK). Visible light transmittance is 48%, but it is preeminent for viewing.
Quality is also good in JAPAN. It is definitely a domestically produced Brand.

There was a previous cloudy coating,
It became difficult to see because it deteriorated or dirty
I made it to a man who did nothing.
It may be cheap by that amount.

I think that it will become cloudy
In that case I will use the old one.

I do not know which is better so I tried to purchase this highly rated item.
Although it can not deny that the feeling of Fit is different depending on Helmet as a result
Mostly good.