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SYGN HOUSE adalah produsen bohlam lampu LED dan piranti GPS berkualitas tinggi yang memiliki moto "dari rider untuk rider".

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Ulasan Produk SYGN HOUSE

He bought it in order to attach sanyo gorilla NV-SB541DT to Kawasaki ZRX Daeg.
Since the mounter has broken when it is also disagreeable to buy a cheap thing and to be disappointed and a mobile phone is mounted also although many things were considered.
It is ~~ which spurted this time and bought the thing of the sygn house so that it might not become cheap things waste money! The mount of the sygn house has parted from A parts, B parts, and C parts.
Respectively, there are M-5 series and M-8 series.
If the navigation of a certain amount of heavy weight class is attached, M-8 series is recommended.
The difference among M-5 of M-8 should differ in the size of the diameter of ball mount.
M-8 series is recommended to NV-SB541DT.
Incidentally, the diameter of the ball of M-8 series was 23 mm.
B parts are intermediate arms, if they are M-8 series, will not have a choice and will choose B-4.
It is preeminent only to this price, and it is aluminum shaving, and texture has admiration, and is satisfactory.
The spring is taught to inside and it is convenient out of removal or mind.

Although it was the antenna stay of ETC, it used as stay of a video camera.
The video camera was stuck on ETC stay in combination with the base for tank caps of a sygn house.
The measures for safety catches are also taken.
Although there is no telling how be as an object for ETC antennas, it is firm structure by the product made from aluminum.

Although I was hesitating to exchange because it is a type of car that I get an error when I use bad LEDs but I tried it with a new product.
Although it seems that there is not written a description about the error, since I had a vehicle on the image posted on Manufacturer HP, I thought that Large is durable and purchased.

There was also a counterpart of other Manufacturer, but I was concerned about the appearance and durability of the luminescent part, but I think that the design of this item is good. (Although there is a slightly bad feeling, the Position sphere looks like this)
As a whole there was no error and light quantity was satisfactory product.

The compatible model at Manufacturer is with ADDRESS V 125 S, but the compatible Valve is M & H PH 11 type, so it was installed on the LEAD 100 which also adopted the PH 11 type.

Valve's conformity certainly did not have any problem, but in the case of LEAD 100, since interference occurs within Case, we cut the Screw's mounting hole upward by several millimeters using a new Ball machine There was a need.

Although it is the performance of the essence, Manufacturer says that it will be pretty bright, but it was visible with Halogen balls of OEM and it did not change. LEAD originally did not have the performance of Headlight and it was pretty scary to run in a night road like a farm road, but even if using this product it did not change.

Perhaps rather than the performance of the LED, I think that it was incompatible with Lens's Headlight's Lens, Reflector. Amazon has more UserReviews, but the impression that it is attached to ADDRESSV 125 seems to be generally good.

If you look at Review on other vehicle types, the pros and cons are divided into two, and considerably compatible with Motorcycle to demonstrate performance Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It seems to be. It was useless in my case.

Since I wanted it before, I purchased it. I was able to install it somehow though it was quite stuffed inside Normal lightCase. It is very bright compared to the Halogen sphere! Does not it need to worry inside Tunnel as well? Ribbon installation Plus' Small saw 1 Screw 1 pc. Screw Mountain has become an idiot.. It is better not to tighten too strongly.

Separately, I procured Torx screw of M 8 x 40 and attached smart bracket to R 1200 RS.
If it is affordable product, this will be RAM Mount, but this one is preferred for this look.

It is a feeling that it is good whether it is cheaper if you look at the delivered product.

I installed it on 12 V MONKEY.
It would definitely be possible to install it if it is a person touching electrical to a certain extent.
Ribbon is big, but as you spread it just fits in Headlight.
However, if you are adding various types of Meter or electrical equipment, the inside of Case is narrow so it will be in a gyuu kyuu.
Let's organize within Case during this period.
Brightness is as reputed. It is brightness that can not be viewed directly.
Although it can be relieved at night, it is uneasy whether it will cause inconvenience to oncoming vehicles.
Currently, a little downward to Quantity : Set.
Switching between high and low is also natural.
Although the price is a bit high, I think the performance is good.

For certain CHINAActionCam installation, we purchased ABC collectively.
Two strikes BigOff, mounted in a single cylinder.

In short, it is excessive quality.
There is no accuracy, robustness, Design and complaints.

Even with slight vibration at Idling, shock of a bad road, and vibration at high speed, Gap ? There is no slack at all. Reliable performance is safe. Furthermore, because the joint is spherical, the movable range is wide, and replacement of parts other than the root is also easy.
Digital camera holder will surely fix a slightly heavy camera and Release is also easy.
Moreover, I can shoot without Large sharp blur during running.

However, although it is quality more than the price, it has become impossible to understand that it will be an expensive Bracket than Camera.

In addition, it owns the old MODEL for second-hand navigation and has been wearing 2 st 125 and it has passed for about 4 years, but there is no sign of damage at all. Durability is outstanding.
I think I will buy one..