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Sym'z Craft

Sym'z Craft menyediakan sparepart untuk SR500 atau W650. Knalpot dan bodywork Sym'z Craft menerapkan tampilan yang klasik dan dapat menambah keunikan pada motor SR500 atau W650 Anda.

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Since the Center Stand was out of second hand purchase, I was thinking whether to buy a used OEMCenter Stand and use it. However, since the condition was not good, I bought this one. Exhaust System installed YOSHIMURA, it was able to install as it was without interfering. One thing I felt was using the Rubberetc. I thought it would be nice if there was a cushioning part of. As I lifted the car, I got scratched on the floor of Concrete and paint added, and STAND got scratched. You can attach it yourself (Lol)

Since my exterior pipe was fitted with an external exhaust pipe, the fixation was not secure and the exhaust pipe and the silencer were disconnected, so I found out what seemed like a good thing.
Silencer will not come off as it can be fixed firmly, exhaust leakage has also gone, sound has improved.
I think that it is a bit overkill but I am satisfied..

Although it took time to deliver, the expectation degree was high, but as the finish was very good, the welding of the installation Nut could be taken with only two Tourings and the Bolt dropped down and Case hits Chain Trouble It is very disappointing that I have happened.

Although it was Repeater, it used to be a One Size Large Band that can easily be tied up easily this time although it was previously attached with a normal Size Band.
Depending on the outer diameter of the Exhaust pipe, it may be difficult to install, but if you install the Bolt to the Frame and make it Offset, you can install it without any burden on each part.
If you do not install it surely the Bracket of Slip-on Silencer will break.
Especially when traveling on highway it is caution.

Commuting Spec. I bought it because I wanted to install a Top case.
I got lost with things of Y's Gear, but I chose this, expecting refreshing feeling.
It was easy to install with just about changing it as Grab Bar.
I think that there is a little hang to fix with Bolt while just finely adjusting straight with respect to the car body.
Since the back part is higher, it will be slanted if you do not process a minority of Base.
Although it looks thin, it is very satisfying because it makes it possible to build luggage with confidence by making it very sturdy.

I bought it because the Chain cover of NORMAL did not arrive at the exchange of Rear suspension.

It is more light design than NORMAL's Cover, Cut of the Suspension part also has no interference with Large KYB KGS 325.

The thickness of Stainless Steel is also sufficient, lightness like Aluminum can not be expected, but for vehicles with many vibrations like SR, there is a sense of security in the strength of this thickness.

I finished work in about 15 minutes without installing or removing Suspension.

With this build, this price ... Recommended.

First the sound is good?

The bass is working and it feels good to touch.

I have not done the Carburetor setting, although there are some AfterFire, it is considerably fewer than the Exhaust System I've been using until now ('∀ `)

Hand Bent Exhaust Pipe is very beautiful, ◎ is OEM look.

I also enjoyed running even more!

I am very favorite. (О '∀ `о) !

OEM's Chain cover is Material : Design was not so good at Plastic, so I bought this product that was good at Net.
I exchanged Cover at the same time as Gold chain, but as Chain got better looking, it was a little expensive but I am satisfied.