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SYNPASE menyediakan piringan rem cakram dan hub roda untuk motor mini seperti NSR50/80, Monkey, dan masih banyak lainnya.

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According to the color of Motorcycle, I am looking for Red Mesh Gloves and I selected from the past Moto fizz.
Aggressive red color, cool but thick.
Moreover, the Protector part of the back of the hand is firm and satisfied.

The picture arrives and it is freshly opened.

As you can see it's dirty anyway.
I am wondering how you manage it.

I do not feel like wearing it unless I polish by myself with Compound etc..

Also in the photo of Catalog, Color is Blue alumite,
Actually it is an ordinary Silver Aluminum Collar.

At first, I thought that something different was delivered.

Because it is only about a little change from DAYTONA price in price,
It goes without saying that it is cheap, probably I do not think I will buy SYNAPSE products twice.

In the Catalog of lies Aluminum was full of Mold and had only discomfort.

☆ 2 is an evaluation that was able to be installed normally.
Others had only Minus.

Although the pure Rotor was used until now, since the Rotor had bent by fall etc., this product was purchased. Since structure is comparatively [ with a cheap price ] solid and Level also with damping force about the same as an original manufacturer's product is maintained, I use feeling easy very much. Attachment is also easy, and form is completely the same as a NORMAL, and very a Recommendation also for maintenance beginners!!

A 10-inch MONKEY Wheel is equipped in a SYNAPSE synapse Front disc brake hub kit with Front-disk-izing of a MONKEY.With none of no problems about attachment.It is a Reasonable from what.It is a Power Push.

fuel strainer suitable for an ape the inside diameter of a hose -- since there are few things which suit since it is small -- it is purchase about this product.
By leveling off, although distance of a fuel hose is short, it is not resisting, but start up is also satisfactory.
Although it does not understand yet functionally, I think that it attaches and there is no loss.