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Produk Baru T2 Racing

Ulasan Produk T2 Racing

Size, like shape and purchase.
Installation can also be mounted without problem using OEM's Bracket.

What I felt when I actually used it is Fender and Tire's Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) The narrow gap (About 3 mm) Tire warmer can not roll.
I had no choice but to shave Fender and widen the gap, but do not forget that those who plan to do Warmer are processing premises.

MC18 (89) Used in STD.

When installing for the first time and running for a while, suddenly Ston and Meter will be in Zero ? ?
Was it a case of Cable being just a little short and faulty?
root (Engine side) Was not inserted tightly.

Even if it is not tightly inserted on the base side, Meter Wire
Since it was moving, please insert it properly before installing.

After confirming the installation Cowl can not turn on Side cowl like me many times
It will be removed.

Product itself is fully compatible with OEM, there is no problem.
It is a little like Outer is more flexible than NORMAL.
Is the main function different in color and self satisfaction written as NSR in Cable.

As long as OEMCable used for 30 years since the Showa era has been lubricated for an estimated 30,000 kilometers or more
There is no problem, but it is appreciated to provide such consumables.

In addition, Spray with solvent like CRC 556 is strictly prohibited for lubrication.
ZOIL, WAKO'S, (ラスペネ,メンテルーブ) As a result of the high grade Grease like Bell Hammer, I think that COSPA is good.

Because it was a style that runs with only high revolution, though I thought that it was irrelevant, the gear of the servo motor of the RC valve was damaged and I tried installing it after exchanging the motor. Although I thought that driving results, low rotation can be used so much, I did not see it. Especially when I arrive behind the car, I frequently changed the gear and traveled with no torque, but I can run about the car normally. Since continuous running is possible at 6000 rpm, even on expressway 100 km / h Continuous running becomes possible. The engine characteristics were flat torque characteristics throughout the entire range, and there was no peaking time from low rotation to high rotation, resulting in acceleration like 4 cycles. As a result it seems to be able to run quite fast. I thought that it was a motorcycle that I had to run with full of cheerfully repeating the gear change so as to maintain the power band at all times, but my character changed at all and I feel like I can usually do it with touring. It seems likely that the power band spreads even at the pass considerably and it will run faster sooner.

I always thought that it was not necessary because I did not use high revolution, but GEAR of Servo Motor of RCValve got damaged, I tried wearing it after exchanging. As a result of traveling, this is a performance up that far exceeds expectations altogether. I never thought that it is so good that low rotation can be used. Engine's peakingness disappears and acceleration is accelerated from Dogan acceleration from low rotation to high rotation. It is a feeling that Torque rose across the whole area. It is easy to get on like the 4 CycleEngine. NSR repeatedly performed SHIFT UPDown frequently, maintaining the power band, but always had to run to the gangsin, but even at 6000 rpm it was possible to run normally, even on expressways 100 km without difficulty / It seems that you can run normally in h. I think that Circuit is fine, but it is easy to use low rotation on ordinary roads. As for the back of the car, I changed the GEAR frequently, and it was fitting Speed, but such necessity was completely gone, and I can run in accordance with the car as it is at the 6th speed. If this is the case, NSR seems to be able to do Touring.

O-ring is available at OEM Parts, so when you compare it, it looks and Size is different so I felt cheap ones were useless. I think that it is best to use a third-party product even if it is high. I'm sorry.

Originally we installed Rear Sets from Battle factory to Race cowl of STD Shape.
When I replaced it with Seat Cowl of T2 RACING, Position disappeared and purchased Rear Sets made by the company.
Position can be chosen behind Position than other companies' product, and Position matched perfectly.

Enrichens 5-7k rpm, dyno proven with o2 sensor, without bike runs too lean in this area to be safe, for the price highly recommended, installation is kinda difficult, follow their diagram

Plate was distorted by heat before traveling 1000 times after installation. Despite consciously refraining from half-clusters or load-intensive operations..