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TaGu (Taguchi)

TaGu adalah produsen yang ahli dalam bidang machining. TaGu menyediakan baut kait, jalu stang, slider, dan rearset kit dengan fungsionalitas tinggi dan desain yang menawan.

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Ulasan Produk TaGu (Taguchi)

works perfect with the kitaco load adjuster 502-0030000 for the nsr50 or nsf100 forks. well worth the purchase and the red anodizing looks identical to the kitaco.

I thought it was short but exactly right.
There is no shoes slipping and hitting your feet..

Just one way to sell and the price is higher.

Spring also attached and both Quantity : If I set it a bit more cheap pricing I wish it was nice.

Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I would appreciate selling it but only one way selling.
When you buy both, it is nearly 7000 yen.
It is also possible to buy Rear Sets a little more Add a level Level.

Regardless of the use feeling it was easy to use anyway.
I bought only one side and attached it on the Shift side, but my legs did not slip,
I also decided to buy the other because there is nothing to hit my feet.

Although it is an incompatible Motorcycle
Installation on the NS - 1 OEMS tep plate was feasible without installation and devising, especially with Spring.

There was an Accident called exchange due to Bolt's Size difference, but the product itself is firm but it can be likable.
It's easy to use, it's STAND hungry. I prefer not to insist on existence.

I use it with CRF 250 RMOTARDBigRotor.
Brake can be hung without anxiety firmly making.
I am satisfied with Large change in COSPA way.

I first bought Initial Adjuster.
I mounted it in a way that the diameter hits with Hammer at Limit and press-fitted.
I got scratches because I was a he w

Since we had been turning with the tool so far, the adjustment became very easy.
It is good to remove Fork as it is.

I have never bought other Adjuster, so I do not know but it seemed better if it seemed to get sunnally by hand.

I am attaching to GCraft's Swingarm. Black and Aluminum hook look good on SeraCoat finish. Strength is also sufficient. The distance with Swingarm is just right, it is good not to be too conspicuous.

I use it with NSR 50.
Knurl of the footpeg which I used up to now has become worn and becomes slippery so I bought it for Replacement.
Because it is used for Mini bike race,
? It is a type of Foldable with less Risk of breakage when falling over
? It is possible to repair only Footpeg Bar
? Footpeg's grip feeling is solid
I was looking for things that fulfilled the above conditions, and it reached this product.

The impression of using,
There is still a new article, but the feeling of Grip is solid and the load is easy to apply to footpeg.
Also, the Length of the Footpeg Bar that looked short on Single Body is also exactly good.
Position is 10 Up 10 Back, but the height does not change so much but it felt a bit back to the back.
I think Cost performance is pretty good.
I would like to use this item when I exchange next time.