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TAKATO adalah pabrikan spesialis motor Honda 50cc seperti MONKEY, DAX, dan lain-lain. TAKATO juga menyediakan standar paddock untuk keperluan maintenance maupun racing.

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SecondMotorcycle (125ccMOTARD) Purchased for Maintenance.
I use JTrip for Main's Motorcycle.
Receiving and assembling immediately.
The structure is simple, but Boltetc. The accuracy of it is not good.
After completing Lift up, it itself went up to Smooth than I expected.
However, there are points which I felt like it is not good in terms of usability.
That it can not fix the width of the receiving part with Bolt etc..
You have to move up and receive it to the Rear arm and Lift up.
Because there is a price difference, it is poor to compare, but JTrip is secure and secure - It is convenient..
Except for that point, Cost performance is acceptable.
(We will not Lift too high so be careful about that point. )

Purchased for Maintenance of HORNET 250.
Because it was said that it might interfere somewhat with Impre of the other, I was worried for a while, but I bought it because I was cheap.
As a result, it certainly interfered with it in the initial state, but when I expanded the Frame a little by force I could expand it to the extent that it does not interfere.
Although it is a result, in other words, it is said that it is a making to the extent that it can be expanded manually.
Although it is supposed to be load-bearing weight 200 kg, it is good not to excessively expect it, but to keep up to 250 cc Motorcycle.

It has ridden on a HORNET250. Since the
research was insufficient, breadth was cared about it and purchased.
When the STAND was assembled and used, the Tire was a Size which he gets hooked exactly.
As a result of tuning finely by expanding width forcibly, it can use now well. It is still impossible for the
beginners to carry out a STAND by one person.

Although he wanted the Type stepped on on foot, since it was cheap, it purchases.
After buying it, it was neglected, without there being no telling how it will stand, but the rope was able to fix and stand the
Brake. It is convenient for the Maintenance of the
rear wheel.