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TANAKA TRADING menawarkan berbagai macam knalpot, bodywork, suspensi dan velg untuk motor mini seperti MONKEY, GORILLA, DAX, dan Chaly. TANAKA TRADING memiliki produk yang unik dengan harga terjangkau bagi mereka yang senang memodifikasi motor.

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Fit perfectly on my honda st70 oil cooler 3 fin, i change the blue bolt color from the oringinal minimoto oil cooler to this gold bolt, easy to install, there is some minor about this product, its about the cutting edge of the bolts not straight enough but still can be put perfectly like the oringinal ones, perfect for someone who's looking for some small color modification for oil cooler, now both my motor and cooler have same color theme, thanks!

Keren...lampu sesuai pesanan lebih terang karena 12 volt

Tangki untuk GORILLA Good quality texture

Bought to replace factory wheels, finish is a bright anodised silver, no scratches or obvious imperfections. The holes line up nicely and require no filing or changes to fit, came with new M6 screws and nuts. Once fitted there was no necessity changes needed for operation, chain clears the side and brake bracket is fine also. Definitely happy with purchase

Although the goods are sold also from other shops, a price considers being set up at a low price by it.

The top mount is not in center, they've managed to fasten it way off to the side. They also messed up when welding one of the nuts for the headlight mounting bolt, here they melted the outline of the metal plate. The whole thing is kind of crooked and it's also surprisingly heavy, at 611 grams. The paint is good and it's very cheap though, so I guess it's still ok value for the money. You may be lucky and receive one that doesn't have these flaws.

First of all, it is a very beautiful baking color and Exhaust pipe Design ○ It's made of bar. I use it in 88? But the sound quality from Idling is an explosive sound Silencer part is a rough straight tube (Wooletc. No inside sound deadening material inside outer frame Punching tube only) Road clearance Dangerous equivalent explosive sound Is it easy to get out? But, BackFire does not happen and I do not mind rotating valley. However, I guess that this Exhaust System was produced for Stroke upEngine (Full length is long). If attached with NORMALCylinder length Silencer Bracket will not reach the Screw part of Rear shock as it is. To install it it is necessary to separate the Exhaust System from the vehicle body by about 10 cm to the outside. Move it from the shape and move it upward and install it Additional parts required Shock Top Extension Bracket purchase required. CylinderStroke up Vehicle and China EngineCOMP 110? ~ Etc. It seems that it can be installed as it is. Design exhaust efficiency etc.. Considering this gold amount is to buy it, but explosion sound (It sounds good) ? ? ? Those who are interested recommend purchasing Silencer which fits separately..

Current situation, I can not do until installation, but in bullets
? Screw preparation is necessary separately for installation.

From the finish of the appearance, I thought that it disgusted
? Long Screw fixing the fins is Rust.
? There is a trace in Pipe of Oil line and it is dirty.
? There was a dent that the Pipe of Oil line was forcibly pushed in, there was a dent.
? Packing of O-ring is used in all five places, nine are used, but all are damaged. It is torn or is deteriorating.

From the above, it is absolutely a product that can not be Recommendation to other people.
If you consider Overhaul (Although it may be an implicit consent) If it is, I will think that I need a note.