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TANAX NAPOLEON memproduksi berbagai jenis spion untuk berbagai jenis motor mulai dari skuter hingga super sport. Dengan desain dan fungsionalitas yang mengagumkan, spion dari TANAX NAPOLEON sangat direkomendasikan untuk Anda yang menyenangi modifikasi motor.

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Качество очень отличное.Превосходный внешний вид изделию придаёт отменное качество гладкого и зеркального покрытия хромом.До установки этих расширителей зеркал у меня стояли простые чёрные расширители зеркал,внешний вид был не очень впечатляющий.После установки установки хромированных расширителей внешний вид преобразился,выглядит очень изящно.Болты можно было применить на 5мм длиньше,так как у меня стоит защита рук гайра,эти немного короткие.После установки намного лучше обзор сзади.Очень доволен. The quality is very excellent. The excellent appearance of the product gives the excellent quality of a smooth and mirror chrome finish. Before installing these mirror expanders, I had simple black mirror expanders, the appearance was not very impressive. After installing the chrome extenders, the appearance changed, it looks very elegant. The bolts could be applied 5mm longer, since I have a guyra hand protection, these are a little short. After installation, the rear view is much better. Very satisfied. translated by google translate

At 1st I was hesitamt to buy the product but upon receiving and installing it i am really impressed yhe mirrors and how it was made (Quality product). The vision has improved a lot compare to the stock mirrors that was installed.

It attached to the hornet.
Although appearance likes the normal as my liking, I think that back visibility improves functionally and it is easy to operate.

It attached with the separate handle.
Compared with the long mirror of normal, appearance is quite easy-to-use with the ability also of the function which is the highest to be adjusted to vibration absorption and front and rear, right and left in the quite low forme.
I think that it is what suits various naked motorcycles because the texture of plating is also called good naked mirror.
Looks and a function are recommended.

Safety! Relief! He is smart!!

TANAX Napoleon: -- stay-boots product number: -- vehicle type wide use goods details - corresponding to SA-12 merchandise information -- a mirror attachment -- the protection from dust etc.
- A screw adapter etc. can be hidden and a dress-up up is simply possible.

This TANAX Left-Handed Screw Adapter is very useful. It allows me to lift up the mirror a little bit, and to allow me to install a mount between the mirror and the screw adapter.

I installed it in 2018 formula CB1000R.
I feel satisfied replacing the Normal mirror because it feels like touching and feeling breaking the atmosphere of the car body.
I did not expect that the visibility was Large, but NORMAL was shrouded in the shoulder and arms, whereas BAREN MirrorNeo was surprised to see a steady backward vision.
Even during high-speed driving Mirror secures good visibility without shaking by vibration.
Because it protrudes slightly from Handlebar End, I am slightly concerned about slipping off.
The problem is that it is a bad point unless you omit OEM Inner Weight.
Right now Highway, General congested road, Pass road etc.. There is no behavior change and the vibration transmitted from Handlebar is also
I do not feel like it has changed so much.
Reduction of Tire etc. In the case of changing, I think that it seems to be wearing the Inner Weight of Universal Product.