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TANAX MOTOFIZZ sangat unggul dalam aksesoris touring. TANAX MOTOFIZZ menyediakan berbagai macam tas touring, seperti tank bags, tail bags, saddle bags dan masih banyak lagi. Produk TANAX MOTOFIZZ mendapatkan reputasi baik dari para pengendara di Jepang sebagai tas touring yang awet dan fungsional.

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What regulation of die length is hard to carry out is ITAI.
A hook is excellent.

Since camping touring was begun, it purchased.
Although it is in play, (1) capacity 59~75L and large scale are charm.
(2) Although it equips also with the wearing method with four fixing belts, hook on a frame etc. and it is easy to carry out adjustment by a buckle.
(Although puzzled at first, from the 2nd time, it can equip easily in about 1~2 minutes) Even if loads, such as foods of (2) camping, increased in number, fixation was completed in an upside net etc. and it was convenient.
(4) A drink holder etc. are convenience.
Although it was one difficulty, the board of shape collapse prevention of a bag was equivalent to the back at the time of a run, and although it was not painful, it became pain somewhat.
He plans to attach a pad etc. as a measure.

Since it has not actually used as a hook, it is an accent of the tourer.
It became such touch.

I think that a smoked shield is not easily visible daytime.
It is hard to be visible even if it uses EL Wright.

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

Attachment is easy, and since it is with EL backlight, night is also legible.
Moreover, some rain is also safe.
However, it is, and shortly after rubbing with a spanner, paint application of a stand will separate in the case of attachment, as cheap.
Moreover, a thermometer is not made into this at all.

Attachment is easy and some rain is also satisfactory.
although it felt uneasy at the time of a changing battery since it attached to the stand with double-stick tape -- a battery -- having -- it is used for many years, without improving a changing battery considerably.
However, in the case of attachment, shortly after rubbing with a wrench etc., paint application of a stand will separate.
Moreover, a thermometer does not count on at all.

Since he heard that it is durable that it is hard to be extended, it purchased.
Although the rain jacket is bound to the tandem seat, since a square measure seldom spreads even if it fastens strongly, I think that it is strong on elongation.
Since the hook of the net changed the location by itself, the location of the hook hook of a motorcycle did not worry it.
Although M was purchased in rain jackets, there is a margin of the grade which can stack an one more piece rain jacket.
It is good to be able to respond, even if loads increase in number suddenly.
Although it is used for two years, it still uses.