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Tandem Rider

Tandem Rider memproduksi sabuk pengaman untuk penumpang saat berkendara yang dirancang khusus untuk anak-anak. Dengan kualitas keamanan dan kenyamanan yang tinggi, Anda bisa fokus mengemudi dan menikmati berkendara bersama dengan anak-anak.

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Regarding use in general, it is a complicated finish
It is just like the Harness used for cheap Rucksack which Belt kind stiffed somewhat
I do not think it will expire, but from the gold amount I think that it may be a bit more textured

However, the sense of security is a very good product

Since it was installed from the time of second-hand purchase of the vehicle, I will review it.

OEMSilencer (After regulation) Compared to the low Torque Torque will be missing, there is no problem with KL 250 Sherpa's SUPER Low 1st gear start.
Obviously the RSV tube has better dandruff, the high rotation is easy Level.

Because KL 250 Sherpa has no Number Plate in Side cover, the intermediate Pipe to Silencer is slender, Silencer extends according to the angle of Seat I think that this product is the most visible.
Also, the point that you can easily feel OH with Hex wrench is also very GOOD for Sunday DIY man.

It is regrettable that simply stopping Silencer and intermediate Pipe with Clamp is certainly the point that exhaust leakage occurs. Pipe gets dirty due to leakage, so those who are concerned are liquid Gas essential.

Well, if it is 30,000 yen, I thought that it was an Exhaust System which I bought and bought for a change in purpose etc..

Mounted in 1997 SEROW 225 WE.
Quality was also very good and could be installed without problems. Because it is lightweight compared with NORMAL, it contributes to handling on mountains.
I attached it with Silencer of spatula, but low speed is sufficient, Silencer is also involved, but because the inner diameter is somewhat wider, exhaust efficiency has also increased, and acceleration growth has also come out.
I highly recommend it..

I attached it to DJEBEL 250 xc.
I installed the Exhaust System for the first time, but I could install it without difficulty.
As for volume, I felt somewhat quiet than NORMAL when Idling but it turned out to be a suitable volume as soon as I opened it.
The sound quality is a light feeling like Tapa Papa, but it's crisp well and I personally like it.
It became somewhat lightweight as it looks better, so I am satisfied with Large.

Balance of sound and Power think that it is good if setting is put out.
Personally I wish it was a bit bassy more - - -

Middle to high speed rotation improved without sacrificing low speed range.

If possible, I'd like the diameter to be 3 to 5 mm more extended Type - - - (Lol

Exchange at the same time as purchase
Silencer has chosen this form because we are exchanging Light cowl for SR's items..

When exchanging Inner silencer with Competition and setting it out, Balance of sound and Power feels good!

I feel good with a bad bass when removing Silencer - - - I am hesitant to put Engine on too close to my neighbors (laugh)

With this pumping system, it does not run much, and the sound is also shabby
However, from the attached Inner silencer, instead of the optional RSV Competition inner silencer, further cut the Punching mesh attached to the entrance to that Inner silencer to make it straight, the Torque also gets better and the sound gets a bit thicker and runs well It is!
By the way, I feel that Front pipe is not compatible with SP Tadao PowerBox.
I am not convinced, I cut off the Box which is the sale of SP Tadao, asked for the vacant hole to be closed by welding, it is combined with RSV Silencer as a straight pipe which is just bigger than OEMPipe!
Air cleaner Box If processing and combustion are also tightly tight, the merit of RSV Silencer can be fully tasted!
Very good Exhaust System!

The Exhaust System decided to do this before this motorcycle was delivered. Tail is Carbon end and the price is reasonably low, as soon as I got to the Exhaust System. However, considerable exhaust leakage from Silencer side when installing. When I thought about what it was, there was Impression of the same content. I like it because the others part is full marks.
By the way Exhaust pipe was set with SP Tadao.