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HP2 SPORT 190 / When it is 55 Tire, when I remove STAND it is not easy to escape straight, so I was at first confused.
By slanting slightly when pulling out, you can exit without problems.
I think that it is better if ShaftEnd peace does not rub within Axle when the genus is rubbed a bit more than Shaft.

ZrX's Tail lamp is normally Valve, one side is usually Valve, one side is LED, Compare the reaction time, the speed to understand with the naked eye. Even though I think about safety, even if I think about beauty, it is necessary to make LED.
However, in the case of ZrX, since License Plate Light is supplemented with a light leaking from Tail, in this product Number will become Pink color. It is necessary to add License Plate Light or to process Tail.
Tail lamp must be red color LED, there is no choice.

It is not specially bright or high efficiency, but as a substitute for ordinary light bulbs brightness etc etc. Can be used normally without problems including.
However, if it is used for a four-wheeled vehicle for a four-wheeled vehicle, please be aware that the warning light of the ABS warning light may be lit because of the resistance change (Lol)

HondaLife (JC1) Looking at Valve of Stop-lamp of Stop-lamp, it seems that Filament is Black and its lifetime is near, so if you are looking for various LED Bulb, I found this Valve for for Vehicle on webike's website.
Life's Stop-lamp reflects on internal Reflector and lights (diffusion?) To do. This LED Bulb also reflects to Reflector (Flashing backward) It can be confirmed firmly even during the day because it is.
Moreover, it is safe for guarantee for 12 years and long term.
(I will not keep the warranty card until that time ...)

OEMValve 3 years and 4 months (21,000 km) I replaced it so I replaced it.
I thought about Upgrading, but the LED cheaper but the optical axis adjustment is very troublesome, HID is very expensive for HID, WR is behind Valve (Steering head section) Space is so narrow that we have difficulty in installing Ballast so this time Pass. Anyways "Brighter and easier to see than OEMValve" Is an absolute condition, I searched from H4 Halogen Bulb and found this product, I judged that the balance of price and performance was taken and purchased it.

● Anyway bright ⇒ feeling that the exchange from OEMValve got more than twice as bright as the bodily sensation. The color is "Slightly Orange type Clear color" So the reflection of Asphalt is very clearly visible. Please be aware that there will be a difference in the irradiation range and light intensity depending on the Headlight unit to be mounted. WR is a class with a small Unit Unit, but if this is only bright, it seems that it is brighter if the Lens cut is not complicated with a slightly larger Unit.
● Easy exchange anyway ⇒Valve only exchanges so optical axis etc replaced. There is no need to adjust.
● Cost performance high ⇒Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. Since it is a product, if you use it for Motorcycle it will be one extra spare and if you have a spare on the car Long touring is safe as well.

Although durability will be verified in the future, I think that it is the best for about 2 years life. Since Valve is a well-known Manufacturer product that causes individual differences, it is necessary to know that there is a possibility that it will be unfortunately possible to discontinue at an early date. Since Headlight is an important security part, it is better not to try too much. Personally it is more like this product than the popular BlueWhite system in the world "Slightly Orange type Clear color" Think most good night visibility.

Until now I have used LEDs that mimicked various Double Bulb, but it is dark as a Tail lamp compared to a light bulb, Tail / The luminance difference of Stop lamp was ambiguous and it was another one. This is enough brightness as Tail, it is quite bright at the time of Stop and there is a clear brightness difference. After all it is probably the most reliable Manufacturer made. The rest is warranty, but the 12 year of the rain. I do not know if I have so much, but since it is clearly stated as the warranty period, if there is a problem within this period it will be free exchange so it is safe.

Half the price Quantity if possible : 1pc. It was a place I wanted.

I would have liked to attach a few images of the bike with the exhaust when I posted the review. Please enjoy the attached images of a really fabulous exhaust system.

I have just installed this exhaust system by Sasaki of Japan on my 2008 HP2 Megamoto in Australia. It is the gentlemen's performance exhaust, not obnoxious and no removable baffle to hound the neighbours but not to be underestimated for its exhaust performance, horse power increase and audible rev anger. 6 kg saving on stocko chromed tin thing due to the full titanium piping and cannister, watch as the ti piping takes on your personal riding style with majestic rainbowing and blue-ing that is characterised by the rider's individuality and forever changing colours. Perfect fit, no concerns with fitting. Will need, however, a revision to the rear cannister mount to be siliconised rubber or some such instead of the solid alu bush to reduce 4th gear gyroscopic engine misbehaviour at 60km/h. Great exhaust, quite a hoot.