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Since I did not intend to attach Blinker to the NORMAL position, I bought this product. How to say so - I chose because there was a necessity, but I can not say that the accuracy is good. Extra Processing Not Required Possible License lamp was good. Also, the angle of Number did not go to sleep than I thought. I plan to go through using a crafted or fine adjustment, but if I install a Blinker in the NORMAL position, I may not feel the reason for choosing this Manufacturer much. Processing of parts was beautiful and good.

It is outdoor use.
After the first rain after a few days from using it, dropping Cover was full of Tank and Seat water droplets. Water will also enter from the gap between Seat and Rear cowl and the cloth tool bottle will get wet as well.
As it rains, Motorcycle seems to hurt soon if you do not dry it immediately.
Because shape and heat resistance are good, poor waterproof nature is very disappointing.

I have been buying and began to break down around the year and a half. It is the most durable among Bike Cover purchased so far (Cover of 5000 yen Class or less). I thought that the best Cover was decided at a price and bought and I failed Large.

Used by Yamaha XVS 1300 CAStriker. AmericanLLLLSize is Just size.

Last time I bought American full equipment Size, but I got a little Large. Although it had flaws easily fluttered by the wind, when I used it for two and a half, I bought it again because I was quite tired.
Half day is an environment where direct sunlight is hit, so I think that I tried quite hard.

I also think that COSPA is also good as the fabric is also durable.
I will buy the next if there is no particular problem.
It is recommended.

It purchased together with the Motorcycle and one year has already passed. Although a fall is not seen for the moment, the water repellence of the
Cover does not have the durability of the place of the
fold, and is becoming tattering.
Years do not have comparatively [ high ]. After
, there is no cotton in an inner surface and an abrasion is attached to a Screen or a Cowl.

[Webike Monitor] Also last time [
], this was used. Since the
Fastener sticks, it is easy to carry out a Cover.
If it however uses for a long time, water will permeate from a Fastener part.
cloth itself is whether the durability of a Fastener is quite satisfactory although it is the upper part -- It had about three years also by

distinction in front and behind is quite obvious as description of item -- the time of covering a Machine why --
-- -- which is a front -- it is not necessary to worry with ? Cover (with [ in monochrome ] no order distinction) which was being used until now [
] When compared, the trouble at the time of wearing was reduced. It is a Size although it is used for

2007 YZF-R6. : It is a best Fit with LL. It can equip without opening the Fastener of the

The only dissatisfaction is an attached Center Buckle belt, and I wanted this to unite with a Cover...
user-friendliness is bad. The
> price is also 6000. I do not carry out a circle and think whether a Cost performance is good.

As an object for storage of Ninja250R, to purchase

vehicles, since it is somewhat large, the way of opening and closing of a Fastener has become troublesome. [ although the greatest feature of this product is that a front opens by a Front fastener ] [ which no longer using after a while having become troublesome ]
It was used again, and the central Band has weathered and collapsed in about one year. It is strong, and although
cloth itself is used for two years or more, it is satisfactory. What order tends to recognize in the
color is good.