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【What made you decide the purchase?】
In exchange of Switch box for Pink cancellation and Hazardization of Blinker, it was necessary to relocate Chalk and we bought the same type Parts for 7F because there was no other Parts.

【How was it actually used?】
It is easy to use because you can hold it at an arbitrary position

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Because we need to remove Seat and Tank, we need a proper tool and maintenance Kill.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
nothing special
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I think that it is inevitable because the number of production is small, I think that it will be a little cheaper.
【Have you compared items?】
Other similar products were not found.

There were three small dent scratches on Cover. I thought about Objection, but installed it as it was after it suffered.

I do not care much now. I'm going to taste it.

I was surprised that the Flywheel was diverted? The Center part was not fixed in one piece but I put in Color and fixed by welding from the back.

I installed it in 750 Fc but in 750 Wiring is uselessly long. It may be matching 1100 etc.

I can recommend it for those who do not care about Original.

82 years FC
I bought it to install the Swingarm of GSX 750 KATANA.
I was able to install without problems because the accuracy is Well.
I think that there is no problem for strength because of Plating processing on Steel.
ColorQuantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Just put the Chain to 108 LINK and cut the suspension a little bit and complete the diversion of KATANA's Aluminum Swingarm.

The NORMAL Brake of 7FZ has quite sweet effectiveness at piece aggressiveness 1 Piston. Although for the reason it equipped with piece aggressiveness 2 pod of FB, or Master cylinders were exchanged and there were the existing grade and effect, the shortage of effectiveness was felt for the Riding which he imagined unsatisfactorily. The 1 large determined and it purchased in
> July, Heisei 20. An Inner Disk is a Gold like a photograph. (Although he wanted Black, a Lineup was not carried out those days.) Since the
> Wheel was already exchanged for the 18-inch Boomerang for 7FC, it has equipped easily by the perfect Bolt on. the first run after
exchange -- the merit of the effectiveness, and the merit of operativity -- a large -- satisfactory a Brake is like this effective -- I thought ~ for the first time. Since simultaneous wearing also of the 4 pod Caliper of a brembo was carried out, I think that it was still more so. After
>, although it is used for four years, there is no fault. I think that durability is also satisfactory. Those who cannot be satisfied with the NORMAL Brake of

7F recommend you examination of wearing by all means. Neither deflection, nor vibration and other faults are in the
> last also with a thin Fork of FZ. (although the strengthening Spring is put in)

Since it is a Titanium, compared with the iron of a NORMAL, it is markedly light, and there is also a high grade feeling.
Satisfied [ since it however purchased in order to equip with the Tire of 140 Sizes primarily, but it still continues being standard size, it does not understand / whether was really required and /, but ] for the time being.

[Webike Monitor] As it is also in the
explanatory note purchased in order to equip with the
High throttle, it is a hole (since arrangement is different, in a pure hole) of five pies. Since it must open, the
description which needs only a Drill is kind, the photograph is also used, there is also no processing in particular except intelligible
drilling, and it removes an authentic positive one. Since
quality which only inserts in Couplers also processes wiring of Switch BOX (it does not understand by the kiln for what) authentic positive in a Honda and it has only made it
CB-F. In quality authentic positive in a Honda, since that of

Active without any problem has honest structure worse than a price instead of being cheap. [ which I will regard as appropriate if you dare to say, and it has already been the highest when only a few was cheap, but the price of new pure Switch BOX is considered ] If you buy it there, we will recommend you the product here.

[a Webike Monitor] -- it
became brave -- it makes, comes out and is satisfied. Although the touch to which seat height became high a little carries out after attachment, it is so satisfactory. The Access down to a sheet became markedly easy now. Since a Helmet holder cannot be used unless it adjusts a fixing position, cautions are required.

It attached to CB750FB.
A blinker is as it is push cancellation too ...
Operativity is large satisfaction.
If an order is made by force, and I have a hazard switch and wiring attached, may you have better one and a color of a button devised to a slight degree?