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TCX, brand sepatu asal Italia, menjadi pabrikan pertama yang mendapatkan sertifikasi CE untuk produk sepatu riding. TCX menyediakan riding boots dalam berbagai model dan ukuran yang tersedia di seluruh dunia.

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I immediately decided by watching special deals information. I wanted to wear it from before, but I will price so much as well.
Size sense was the same as usual shoes. There is no cramped tendency common to Yang.
Sole is soft, operation operation is transmitted as feel.
Easy to move the whole ankle or easy to move, I did not feel uncomfortable for the first time I wear it.
Racing boots Recommended for beginners.
Texture etc etc. Is so so. We only expect the protection performance when falling.

First off-road boots will be purchased, I got lost a lot
I decided this with Gold amount and Design I have not tried on mail order
I was prepared for it but I am satisfied with the results. Usually 25. 5
-26. 0 for purchase Size is 8. There is a little room for 5 overall
Yes comfort is also good. By the way friends also went around various mass merchandisers for purchasing the first off-road boots famous Manufacturer etc.
I tried putting on and I was lost but trying on my own Boots, this is the most comfortable Isis and my friends also decide to buy Size is normal
26. It seems 5 5. Although I said that even 5 could be good, I recommend 9
Well, I'm happy to be comfortable with a half price for my friends as well.

It's the first offBoots!
For on Road's Short Boots, falling while running through forest road → caught my legs I was keenly aware of the need for Off-road boots and decided to purchase.
I chose by the price because it is the first time, but I am satisfied with the appearance also Parenthesis. Size is normal Sneakers 26. 5 I'm wearing a pretty big Large, so 26. I ordered with 5. I have only worn it once but it is a little hard. It might be better if you get used to it.

Left Because the high cut part on the outside of the foot touches the foot and it hurts (I do not care much when getting on ... ...)
If you ride without passing the string up, the Velcro part goes away immediately.
I feel that I can not afford to stop at Velcro.
When walking down we had to loosen the strings considerably (The part being touched was an abrasion)
Waterproof was ok with running in the rain.
* The shoelace was exchanged

It is harder than the image of the picture. It seems that it will take time to be harder, compared to Shoes of XPD that I used before.
Racing boots of G company I am using now seems to be softer.
Recommendation to wear the actual thing and try on it.
Waterproof nature is not known yet.
*Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) The shoelace Length of 20 cm or more is different. I am currently asking if I can exchange it

Shape and making are very good. Shift is also easy. The usual Size is 25, 5, but it was just right at 26.
We have not confirmed the waterproof performance, but it went on a sunny day of May and it was steamed for a while. It looks pretty steamy in summer.

I think it's the previous model of EVO series.
It was sold at half the original price at a motorcycle shop. I tried it on, and was perfect for me.
I thought about it for a while, but decided to buy it.
It is a full-scale boots. It may be too much for me, but I think it will suit me perfectly when I get to ride a big bike some day.
A little difficult to walk, but still you can. It's not that stuffy. I'm satisfied with it because it looks cool.