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It is satisfied with a good sound of gear cutting by the heavy low rather than sound volume also considered.
However, I think that it does not care not about explosive sound roaring but about early morning warmth.
Slowness of a low speed area is not felt in the change from normal, either, and a response is not bad, either.
If it carries out from a price, I will think that it is quite good.

When attaching the lid of the silencer of an attached inner, it is touch called the sound of a custom muffler with few ordinary features, but when it is taken, sound is the sound appropriate for a sports muffler finely, and is a heavy low very much as a display.
Although it is an adult bundle, since sound of appearance is low good too, it is pleasing.
the lowness of sound -- the dirtiness or -- those who like a violent sound may not be suitable.

Worked well for about 2 years. Spark arrestor came loose and all the packing material came out. Buying a Sonic SS in hopes I have better luck.

Especially wearing has been completed without also taking time. Since it was
omission, it carried out without removing a Cowl. The
Gasket used what was being used before exchange. After
wearing, although the pilot run was performed, since an engine failure and back fire sound came out probably because fuel was too deep, fuel adjustment was carried out. There are no abnormalities in particular still now [
]. When carrying out the
accelerating feeling by accident than a pure Muffler, it may fall.
sound volume is a slightly light and thicker sound. When the Cover of sound-volume control was removed, although sound volume became large, since the accelerating feeling became thin and the engine failure occurred, it was returned to the dimension. Although
appearance is not so showy, the touch dressed up rather than the pure Muffler may be sufficient as it. I think that
fuel consumption is the about the same as a pure Muffler. Since it is a grade which neither
sound volume nor tone quality also worries, it purchases, and I think that it was good.

Since the normal muffler broke, the muffler which can be purchased as at a low price as possible was looked for.
It was easier than attachment also removes normal, and ended work, without it taking 30 minutes.
Even if it opens an axel, it treats with normal, and a low price is equivalent and cost effectiveness thinks that it is preeminently good.
I think that attaching without carrying out a power down is possible in the case of attachment if the gasket is prepared.
I think that attachment will go to a smooth if an exhaust pipe is stopped lightly previously and a silencer is inserted since it is a muffler of 2 division.
Although it was somewhat large although it is sound volume and is called a silent model, and it was written as the heavy low, loud sound had also come out so so.
Although I think that it is based also on individual subjectivity, I was allowed to consider it as four stars therefore.
A price and the engine performance are recommends in total.

Although a design, sound volume (quietness), and a price made Ashley of BIMUSU nearest to the standard of their inside the first candidate at the time of purchase at the beginning, there were few data and they were able to decide on quite satisfactory determination also at neither a catalogue nor a site.
On another business, when looked in at the motorcycle article store, Ashley for MF08 was exhibited.
Although it was seen and opted for purchase once, an exhaust pipe is strange when it sees well! By the picture of a catalogue etc., although it was full exhaust in the muffler single article, the object for MF08 was a slip-on type.
It was almost deceived (the direction which considers purchase is attention!!). There is also the counteraction and it has given Mr. webike an order [ berta titanium / of the second candidate ] on the dot.
Looks are large satisfaction at exactly also to the car body with blue titanium blue which attaches.
And the elongation with a as high-speed travelling feeling as start acceleration is the touch which carried out feeling improvement.
It also feels like [ so that it may be a little slow ] in the standup of a corner.
Although I think that sound volume is a quiet category as compared with same type Kuruma equipped with other manufacturers' muffler, it is fairly busy if it is running in the dead of night alone.
Although tone quality is a heavy low, it is touch as the external muffler of an ordinary one cylinder, and is butter butter sound.
Furthermore, the sound which passed the baffle serves as BASABASA and a noise like exhaust leakage, and is cheap tone quality.
Since it is total, and it is this price and structure is not bad, either, though it is titanium if it sees, it is just going to say that it is satisfactory well.

The attached touch is a size to the extent that a tire looks small.
Although the balance with the motorcycle which tone quality is a heavy low as explanation, and is the touch which there is not noisily, and is not even when it is quiet is also satisfied so so bad, it is not mostly different from a normal muffler efficiently.

Sound is loud even if it equips with a baffle, although I think the structure object of the quantity of glass wool, or a baffle.
Tone quality is not pleasant at touch called Beriberi, either.
The main jet No. [ about ] 10 raises.
(Although No. 5 was raised for the time being, it is still somewhat thin.) It is better to extract a pilot jet conversely.
Although I think that a style and structure are comparatively good, those who cannot do carburetor setting cannot recommend you.
It seems to be better to stop in an injection vehicle.