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I used it in combination with Shirt of Leather suit Inner when driving Circuit, I used Long Sleeve Shirt when I sweat it off Large It is strange but changing clothes is fun if I use this It will be saved if it is a little lower price.

I am a fan of TeamKagayama and HYOD, so I bought it.
It is Design of 2016, but you can wear it without worrying about it.
It is cool because there are Logo and Illustration of TeamKAGAYAMA before and after.
Material is light and thin, so it is perfect for midsummer time, and you can use it until the autumn mouth when wearing in layers.
I think that HYOD products are excellent from material selection to design, so it is very pleasing to sell these collaborative products.

Firmly made "KAGAYAMA" Logo design.
The part of the brim is a straight Flat Type, but if you like the BaseBall type, you are curving the part of the bracket and using it.

It symbolizes Team KAGAYAMA "TKBlue" I am pleased with the fresh and cool camouflage Coloring and Design on the basis of it!

Even in the midsummer hot weather, I was able to spend comfortably thanks to the nice and breathable fabric.
In addition to being sold together 2017 Team KAGAYAMA Suzuka 8 ColorDesign considering use with ArmBOOSTER is also excellent!

"2017 Team KAGAYAMA Suzuka 8 T-Shirt" Designed to be used in conjunction with, a commitment Design!
I like it very much!

Buy M Size at 171 cm 59 kg.
Somewhat training the body, Uniqloetc. Small shimmer than the general Size of.
I think L Size is good except for slender people.

- It is difficult to get out of Motorcycle as it is black as a black brush for the midsummer, so wear it on it
- When it gets cool it will be on top of Ron T.

When wearing in layers, sliding is a good material so it is easy to wear, after taking off it is convenient with Compact
Design, especially this light blue color is wonderful
HYOD is proud
cheap (The same kind of Gulf was even higher)
If you are a noodle store or the like Road motorcycle It is easy to enter by pretending to ride,
As a Motorcycle Supply Store "Otaku" I think there is resistance because it seems to be.

175 centimeters 73 kilometers W85 It was exactly in L.