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So-called Taiwan Helmet. Personal import at ebay.
DOT - In addition to ECE Standard, regular imports are SG - PSC standard also acquired.
DRing Type.

Very useful for Touring due to Shield.
Because it is possible to use Goggles in combination, it is possible to set day and night by keeping Shield Clear and Goggles Mirror - Flexible response to the weather possible.
Personally I can not feel distortion of vision at all.

There is no space to charge Speaker.
Glasses can be used once. Piercing between Helmet and face, feeling pinching.

The interior can be detached and the Ventilation also has various parts.
Making is not so bad overall, Cost performance is very high.

It is safe that Repair Parts are on sale at ebay.
It may be possible to purchase with some fee if ordering with Webike.

I purchased the stock of MODEL in 2014 at some place. Please differ from MODEL in 2015. (It looks like there is no difference as much as you care.. )

Since I have used only Shoei or ARAI so far, I will be the first overseas brand. In the theory we made One size Large textile XL, but inside is a little loose impression. The entrance to Shell may be narrow at L Size, so it is difficult to judge around here. It is lighter than Shell's domestic Top 2 company, but Shell is thin, but it is hard and the entrance does not spread. The finish of Plastic parts is bad, and the painting of fluorescent color has become insufficient spraying such as Reverse side. Other colors may be inconspicuous. The impression I was wearing was surprisingly good, and the hardened Sponge came very smoothly. Although Ventilation does not understand its effect well, the omission of the back of the head is pretty good. Large sight so it's wide view, Clear it's dazzling. Because it is Large Shell, it is shaken a little by crosswind. Sound insulation may be slightly weaker than domestic production.

Design think that it is a Helmet you like if you are an American who does not mind fine things.

I purchased Size 28. Since Waist is 74, 30 is applicable, but since it was quite Large in 30 of other Manufacturers.

It's SizeExactly. Waist is neither loose nor kinky. Jersey is the same, but it is Exactly in 1SizeSmall eyes.

Just a short waist is not it. Because my torso is long, it is enough to see a navel.

Although it does not have outstanding features that are suitable for the price, it seems to be able to use GunGun well in finish.

Size is 175 cm, 63 kg body size and you can wear loose if M Size. When I wear Protector downwards I feel a little margin. There is no hindrance to operation. If you do not like the sticky, this Size would be good. Thick neck people are cautious because the neckline is slightly thin. There is almost no pressure feeling as Material grows.
The part of Gray is Mesh so it is quite ventilated and it can be said that it is for summer.

Cospa is good because it is similar performance in Mr. Fox's price range around 60 to 70%.
Mesh on the shell side with thin fabric on both sides. There is no Protection. It's fine for Dirt, but if you change with Asphalt it will be a hole in one shot. Since it stretches, it's not cramped and it's easy to operate with the help of non-slip. Attention is paid because the color is brighter than the picture.

First, the fabric is slightly thin. And when choosing Size, I thought it was about US Size and I thought that I could scare 1 to 2 Size Smaller than usual.
Foreign Manufacturer's Apparel always struggles to choose Size. Size is a little Large I am satisfied.
From Boots to Gloves when I noticed I got FLY.

Because I am a foreign Manufacturer, I think that the large size hand of Large hands is good for the Large size Size, but the Large Feel Size felt the fingertips quite a long time. XL of friends etc etc etc. Although it was good, because my fingertip was long, when I ordered with L Size when purchasing, the fingertips were good, but the width was too tight to wear it.
We recommend purchasing after checking properly with Size table etc. when purchasing.
I think that it is Gloves, which has good sewing on the commodity as well as a long-lasting Grip feeling.
Protection feels low.
It is very good Gloves if you consider only operability and Design.

I bought it at another mail-order site
I got lost with Mirror purple or Mirror gold and purchased Purple.
However, in my eyes it seems to be only Gold, no matter how it looks, it looks delicately purple (Degree of so-called oil in water) It looks like.
I thought that I went wrong, I often looked at the bag but it was written as FLY TREKKER SHIELD PUR MIRROR Maybe this is Purple
Even if you take a picture and check it under the sun it is Gold. It is how to see the posted photos themselves.
Dress with different colors depending on viewers looks like WhiteXGold (minority) So my eyes may be bad.
People who really want purple seem to have no choice but to give up.
Well the first purpose is to hide your face so there is no problem.

Like Visor of NORMAL, it seems that the view is distorted and the sense of incongruity seems to come out because the bending is strong, I do not know because the viewing distortion has become familiar because I am wearing glasses from my usual time.

The Visor of the picture is in the state raised to the top It will surely enter the view.