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I was asked for ForkOH from acquaintances and nominated and purchased until Shop. The worst of the accuracy of Oil seal of the most important. I bought OEM again. Very annoying. As rumored it is still halfway Shop. I will not buy BRC products again!

Perfect! in accordance with the description, much more practical than the original system with the security, thanks webike

Purchased this for my CBX550F (same as the cbx400f) fitting was very straight forward I liked the Quill bolt head stem fitting much neater than a clamp to the fork. Damper has 5 click adjustment, that is not in product discription but I figured it must have and I was right.Over all very pleased.

A simple product to make your bike look neat and tasteful. I always buy a pair of this every time I buy an after market pair of mirrors. Just slide them over and done. Can not be easier to install. It adds coolness and retrospect to any motorcycle. Just a word of caution, check carefully the diameter of your mirror shaft. There seems to be many sizes available but nothing on the description. So as long as it's not bigger than 10mm in diameter, then it should be fine.

I used it for hydraulic clutch of ZEPHYR 1100. I got to this by saying Aluminum in the place of Aluminum. It's cheap and relieved. Let's change it to a new one.

Best tappet adjuster tool. Very high quality tool. This tool helps valve adjusting. Must adjuster tool for every 4-stroke bike maintenance.

Although it is Oil seal for Kawasaki's old car,
It is diverted to Lowdown Link for YZ 125 made by DEVOL.

(Oil seal of OEM LINK has outer diameter 27 + Comma several mm, but Oil seal of DEVOL LINK is outer diameter 28 + Commamm. It seems that Repair Parts is not issued at Manufacturer, so User needs special attention)

Items of this price with this price range are plating thin or cheesy things so many things I have only seen things hesitant to install on my Motorcycle, but I got lost but purchased because it was inexpensive. Results Large purchase and Large It was good.