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Tank grip pad original dari Techspec digunakan oleh banyak tim motoGP. Techspec menyediakan tank grip dan tank pad dengan kualitas terbaik.

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Очень удобная накладка на бензобак. Использую боковые накладки решил, для полноты картины, установить и центральную накладку. материал - резина толщиной примерно 4мм, рисунок позволяет лучше держаться за бензобак. установка очень простая. ПС:Я весьма доволен покупкой Very comfortable pad on the gas tank. I use the side covers decided to complete the picture, and set the center plate. material - rubber about 4 mm thick, drawing allows to hold the gas tank better. installation is very simple. PS: I am very pleased with the purchase(translated by Google Translator)

Mounting on Kawasaki EX-4.
Because there is no dedicated Pattern like a popular car because of Minor car, we need to clip this Universal Product by yourself. Contents are two Knee grip parts (Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Quantity : 1pc. Tax Pad min Quantity : 1pc. There are 3 pieces in total.
Also, I was worried about how to clip it, but politely the pattern paper entered about 8 Pattern, Copy the fixed form and make both sides.
Left clipped from the pasting surface, Right from the pad surface side and cut out. I was able to be good at 100 Universal Scissor. Then clean up Tank with Parts cleaner, paste it and finish it.
OEMSeat slips anyway, so the body moves before Breaking. With this GripSeat, it will be much better.. (Seat's slippery one will be reassigned)
I used it even at the time of 6R, but I can hold it with confidence without slipping on a thin Pants. It is recommended that you can hold Hold with confidence because there is a feeling that it is griping even in Pants of the thick ground!
By the way there are plenty of cutouts left, but if you are dissatisfied with Knee grip, you can get through with additional, so I will set aside.

Even if the price is a little too high, it is quite tough that the dimensions do not match and protrude from the recessed part of Tank and peel off from the part of the Rear surface.

It seems to be TL common design, is it because Tank shape is different between TL 1000 R and TL 1000 S.

I think that it is better to buy Universal Product if honest processing is necessary.

I'm satisfied with the Grip ability, Knee grip works well on jeans.

Stomp Grip has holes in Leather suit (Lol) Although I did not believe the rumor that it was, I chose TECSpecifications with apparent preference that I am not good at feeling bumpy.
My Motorcycle seems to be slightly slippery because there is not much sense of Hold around the knee, but it gave a considerable sense of fixation and stability after wearing it..
There is no hole in the Leather suit (Lol) Choose what you wear, we are safe to ride Motorcycle.
Because the price is a little expensive, I will score points there, but others are generally satisfied.
If you can buy Universal Product so that it fits well, you can make it cheaper.
I think that it is a product that can be Recommendation.

I usually ride on leather bread, but this Tank Pad slipped.
I have not tried it with jeans or Riding Pants, so I do not know..

I decided to exchange it without much use. I'm sorry.

It installed for scratches & gaps prevention.

The feeling of use is very good, there is quite a sense of security without Gap when Knee grip.

Installation is very easy, just paste. However, I think that it is better to degrease.

Also, as far as I know, Pad smells very good.

The texture of slip stopper Rubber was as expected.

As it is hard it is hard to stick, so warm it with Heat gun and soften it, align firmly and turn the Seal halfway and paste while aligning it is easy to stick.
Because model Exclusive Design, shape is also Exactly.

However, adhesiveness is somewhat weak because it can be re-tensioned. After a while it came floating that there was a tough place of bending. Heat gun firmly stuck when warming and pressing it.
It is very good as Tank's Knee grip can be tightened and devoted to control of the car body.

I had the SS stuck in the store.
The labor cost is also taken, but if it fails and buys back this high Seat ... thinks with the power of the working people (Bitter smile)

Stomp Grip hurts Denim who rides also does not need the function to that far ....
Also looks better than Stomp like SUPERBall was flying this way.

It is also recommended for beginners as footpeg position adjustment makes it easier to use even if there is no gold and image that knee is easy to attach. (I am a beginner who just took a street)
Grip, footpeg, Tank Pad, before this look and remodeling like the Exhaust System and Anodized it became harder to get tired and it became easier to understand the sense of unity with the car body.
I think that it is Items that you want to consider first.