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TECMATE telah berdiri sejak tahun 1994 di Belgia. Hingga saat ini, TECMATE terus mengembangkan dan memproduksi charger aki, tester aki, dan peralatan troubleshoot dan tuning profesional yang dikhususkan pada pengimplementasian di bidang otomotif, marinir, dan power sport.

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I bought it because it is a good rating in the reviews. It's really easy to do and it's better to use Motorcycle through cars. Now you can make Motorcycle hibernate with confidence. Just buying it before replacing the car's Battery would have been unnecessary to use the extra gold ? ? A bit sorry ? ? Old Battery also revived spectacularly.

I have been using it for about 8 years.

About two thousand kilometers a year was running about 2 years since I purchased it with SKYWAVE
Foot injuries (Anterior cruciate ligament fracture) There was a time when I could not get on for nearly a year, so I did not get on much after that
We are charging it for a period of not running for about 11000 km in less than 9 years.

Thanks to that, Battery is now Quantity : 2pc. It is a set eye but it lasts long.

I am sorry because it runs only 180 km a year, last year, 200 km a year.

Engine is running on a regular basis, but because it takes less than 1 second to start up, thanks to this.

https : / / www. youtube. com / watch?v=tFoPR0cUZrw

In terms of ability ☆ 5. As ease of use, many English version notations are felt necessary to read the Instruction Manual neatly for the first time. After understanding it's easy to use ☆ 3 in the middle. If Cost still compares it with other Brands, ☆ can not earn money, but instead it has many functions and it's getting better ☆ 3.

As a Charger of Battery of a favorite car HONET 600, I bought something of high performance. When I was another car of another before, it was an open type Battery so I used it all the time, but I purchased it because I thought that it could not be used with a sealed type Battery. Usage is very easy. I'm sorry it will be more Recommendation if the Instruction Manual is a bit more detailed explanation. Evaluate again after use.

Although I purchased it for the first time, it was easy to use and was better than I thought.
However, it is a drawback that the Instruction Manual is hard to read and the price is expensive. I was worrying about Instruction Manual and watching YouTube.
Overall, I am satisfied

Battery's Objection at work ,,,

Charged with Charger I personally purchased for testing

It was 44 B 19 L Battery, but it was revived as a result of charging over 24 hours

It took a while to charge it but I managed to deal with it somehow

It's a surprisingly dependable Charger (Lol)

It is very much satisfied.

Whether it will be made ZEROGRAVITY and after wavering, it purchased here.
It was finished in quite racy touch and is very much satisfied.
About air resistance, if it becomes inclined attitudes at the time of high speed operation, he will have a feeling which becomes very easy.
However, the ZEROGRAVITY may be better if it cares about air resistance.
As above-mentioned, since I am suitable serious consideration, I am satisfied.