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TECNIUM memproduksi part mesin dengan ketahanan dan performa tinggi, seperti piston, gasket, cylinder, filter, dan masih banyak lagi. Produk TECNIUM tidak hanya direkomendasikan untuk OEM replacement, namun juga untuk modifikasi motor Anda.

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Ulasan Produk TECNIUM

Clutch is different for Singles park and Twin spark.
Although us Twin spark, it does not match. Singles park has 8 thin Steel plates and Twin spark has 7 thick Steel plates. Do not trust conforming notation. It is also bad that we did not have this knowledge, but who does not know will buy if you look at the conformity notation?
Returns are also covered by Garbage..
By the way for OEM of Steel plate for Twin Spark Single Item is discontinued. Quantity with Friction plate : Set purchase only. It costs a good price.
Because I rely on this Steel plate, I bought the Friction plate of Other Brand Product and because there was hardly any distortion and distortion, Steel plate was reused.

As a reference "Drilled for safety Wire" Although it was,
In reality there was no hole.

Please correct product information as soon as possible.

When searching Air cleaner for KDX 220 SR in webike, things of Full size KX type and KLX type are hit but things are different.

Since there was an air cleaner for KX 65 available on a blog, I ordered it.

It feels like a little Large in the vertical direction, but I could divert it without problems.

2 for other products / At a price of about 3, neither appearance nor texture is particularly problematic.
Since it was just assembled, I am looking forward to what extent the durability is afterwards.

You may cheaper than anything!
Because the eyes of Sponge are fine on the outside and inside, can raindrop maddies prevent muddy invasion?
How long is the durability afterwards?

I exchanged from YOSHIMURAR-77S. We are very satisfied with the accuracy of the joint and the quality of the product. It was a pity that Emblem sticker was of old type - - -

The volume of the standard 19φ did not feel like changing the muffler, and it was not good to get out of high rotation, so buy 22φ and 25φ long. 22φ has a feeling that the volume has increased and the muffler changed. I think it is safe even at home early in the morning or at midnight home. I think that it is the best if you use it for commuting as well. 25φ further raises the volume and uses a bit of mind early in the morning and late at night. The low and medium speed are the same for both 22φ and 25φ, so the highest speed is 25φ higher so I am using 25φ. I use a short baffle if only the volume, but I do not want to drop the low and medium speed torque.

If you get more effect than NORMAL, you still need Setting. Reference of the setting in the manual, even from self-propelled, medium speed to high speed range will be unless the rotation speed at the time of shifting is raised. The fastest in the premises of the house is NORMAL same etc. Or less. (Long Baffle 19, 22, 25 φ used)
When Weight Roller is changed to 8 g?, The acceleration from low speed to the start of gear shifting, from the time of gear shifting to the high speed region considerably improves. The fastest way in the corridor of the house is NORMAL same etc. Or more. However, at the moment of Axelon, there is a little valley. Would you like to change Pulley?
Since the above impression, setting is the story of myMotorcycle,.