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TERAMOTO mengembangkan sistem katup T-REV yang dapat meningkatkan performa mesin motor Anda. T-REV mengurangi tekanann di dalam crankcase dan membuat akselerasi dan pengereman menjadi semakin mulus. Dengan T-REV, pengalaman berkendara Anda akan menjadi lebih nyaman.

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I longed for the Quick shifter which began to be Standard Equipment in Large type, I bought it with a pre-order.
The feeling that I can change while holding SHIFT UP 's Throttle is a face White.
However, Shock change is the initial setting and the shock is less if you do it yourself.
Especially Shock is large in 1st speed → 2nd speed, setting is essential.
Since I have not bought a communication device, it is a mystery whether I can set it out by setting ? ? ?.
Personally Up is a quick shifter, Down is the feeling I want to do by myself
Down automatically ignites Cut, so Minus is the freedom there does not work.
Perhaps it may be possible to output its setting with a communication device, but it is unconfirmed now.
Since it gets shaky at the initial setting, the communication device is also Quantity : We recommend purchasing it.

Is T-rev a Cost to that effect match? It is an unexpected part when introducing it.

As Impressions, it is about relaxing the feeling of geeky feeling at the time of low speed, whether Torque's way out is Mild and whether the rise has become slightly lighter.

I think that it is okay right after wearing it, but as soon as it gets accustomed, how about whether to suit Cost. However, it will be easy to ride reliably.

In case of me you are assembling with αSystem not set in ZEPHYR 750. It was that it got more effect.
By removing the Air cleaner box, I usually bite the Breather Hose 650 mm 6 mm Diameter, but I consulted with Teramoto car and combined various finer parts and tried and assembled together.

Since my FCR Carburetor Body is Short Spigot, the Oris feeler 's Breather Outlet Port was forced to forcibly forcibly because there was little acceleration pump and Oil cap part' s Clearance, but at some time Parts that can take out Breather diagonally from Shop 's people I got introduced and it settled in the present form.

I still only have a town ride, but the feeling of embreliness at low speed has been improved like a lie. In addition, the feeling of Throttle's sticking from normal traveling disappeared and it became easy to ride very much. This sounds good. However, according to the instruction manual that regular maintenance is necessary. Installation was requested to Motorcycle shop, but with pong it is troublesome. But it is certain that it has become easier to ride. (Used in the 2013 formula Ninja 250)

After installation, even when starting, from Valve Small voice "Ting Ting" Just saying, I did not understand honesty.
However, try to get on Big Le?
A high-rank woman was getting rounded.
Even if I make a mistake on GEAR "Gagaga!" I can not get mad. (* '? Ω ? `) b

Since tmax 530 was concerned about an emblem in which there is a habit, I installed it.
Installation requires a little peeling off Cowl, but the installation itself is very simple as it cuts off Hose and cheats.
I tried running while expecting how long it will change, but maybe there is an effect?. There is a feeling that it is never a placebo, but there is not a dramatic one.
The emblem became slightly weaker, the feeling of sharpness became less, the dandruff rise was Mild and Stress was gone - - - It is like feeling..
Because t-rev is high, I do not know because each person is worth whether it balances with this effect, but I felt cospa is not so good. I will soon get accustomed to changes in the ride.
However, I think that there is no worse part, so I think that it was good to attach.

Initially we installed the T - REV of STD and was not satisfied so we later upgraded it to α system looking for further decompression effect.

As a result it was somewhat okay?. As it is, Emble is Mild
If you are told that it is worth buying up to the honest price of 40,000 never cheap Gold amount a little doubt remains

Although it can not compare simple as the car type is different, NAG's Inner Pressure Control Valve which had been installed in 06 YZF-R 6 beforehand (Race type&Blow-off Valve) I will compare it. Over there I was able to experience the best decompression effect.

However, since it is the original idea of ??T - REV that "to leave a moderate emblem" is the main idea of ??using STREET,
I think that this is the Recommendation for those who prefer to have emblem somewhat to positively use load transfer using emblem at AxelOff.

Bought this for my 1990 Zephyr 550. I wasn't confident that it would have much of an effect, or that I would like whatever effect it did have, but after reading just about every T-rev review on Webike (almost all of which are four or five stars) and checking out some of the cool trev videos on YouTube, I took a chance. Result: I couldn't be happier. I'm not sure how best to describe the effect except to say that my bike rides much smoother now. It's more "civilized." Smoother idle, shifting and deceleration. Imagine you had a passenger and you were trying your best to make her ride as comfortable as possible. You'd be gentle with the shifting, maybe feathering the clutch to ease the transitions. That's what this feels like - a gentler ride without having to expend the mental energy of babying all the transitions. The best part is at highway speeds. Say you've got the throttle wide open. Normally when you release the throttle you'd feel a sharp deceleration. With this thing, the bike just keeps going smoothly. Less herky jerky stop-go. More flow. Some fellow riders suggested just buying a cheap PCV or check valve instead. I don't think that would work. As I understand it, the t-rev consists of reed valves that open and close with each piston movement, thousands of times per minute. I don't think PCV valves operate on the same timescales - they're either open or closed (or maybe open a varying amount according to engine speed, but not opening and closing with each cycle). There are a few downsides. For Zephyrs and GPZ's, this installs in the airbox, so it's a bit of pain to put in (have to remove the tank). And you can't see it, which is a shame because it's a nice looking piece of kit. I'm also wondering if it has a negative effect on airflow, though I haven't noticed any decline in performance (If anything, my bike seems more responsive). Another drawback is that these require maintenance - cleaning every 10K km and overhaul at 20K km ($50USD for an overhaul kit). And lastly, the price is ridiculous. That said, I think it's worth the money and am very happy with my purchase.

The rise in the high revolution range has improved significantly.
It became comfortable to reach the Red zone.
In addition, the vibration becomes smaller in the full revolution area, and it seems that the entry of change also became Smooth.
Although it was written that Emblem will become Mild, I did not understand it personally either for 2 cylinder Engine.
It might be a part that does not know the difference so far only by town ride. I think that it is a recommendation for people who frequently run Circuit and Pass.