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TERMIGNONI khusus memproduksi knalpot full system high performance untuk motor dan skuter. Knalpot performance TERMIGNONI telah terbukti memenangkan berbagai kejuaraan MotoGP, WSB, MX GP dan masih banyak lagi.

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I bought you all the impres before buying it and bought it
I am very satisfied..
I was told that Silencer would interfere with Swing Arm for installation but I did not interfere Gili
Although it was said that it is necessary to fit with Band and Bracket for installation
I temporarily tightened the whole and stopped at the end.
Please refer to.

Personally I do not dislike the STD Exhaust System of XSR 900 and MT - 09, but I did not like Sound, so I replaced it with an Exhaust System.
Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence is good for both Visual and Sound, low cost Exhaust System is not quite good, somewhere a compromise was necessary.
The popular AXIS Ο Ο ッ チ is too staple and face White No matter what the FOR JAPAN MODELManufacturer's thing is, Silencer is long and it is not preferred. That's why Telmi, it's your favorite Black pie pre. It was decided from this that there was.
The most concerned Sound is a deep bass that makes full use of the characteristics of 3 cylinder and is personally a GOOD. Sound at ThrottleOff also increases Race ish.
In terms of Power, the difference is not felt, but as Exhaust pipe diameter is small, there is no catalyst, theoretically, exhaust efficiency is good, Peak power should be rising... Pipe's Black Painting also does not have Large crack at the present time, I think quality is high so much.
I am satisfied overall but one thing that I do not understand is that I can not get Baffle. As you can see there is a little welding near with Nut for fixing Baffle. I tried scraping it so as not to scratch it, but I was pretty obstinate. For what?????

I found this sticker for a long time. And I bought it to try on the Ducati Monster 796. Then I tried riding until the exhaust was heat. I found that it can heatproof. Even the material of my exhaust is titanium. But it can heatproof.

Although it is an explosive sound, as it is commented, Baffle of Standard has few harsh sounds such as plosive sound. Because the position of the center of gravity changed compared with NORMAL, the feeling of incompatibility with Breaking and lean in was reduced. Also, because the backpressure has decreased, the feeling of donzki at Axel onOff has been reduced. As for installation, as the comment goes on the hill, the bend of Band does not match and the gap with Bracket will be opened but there is no problem if you put a spacer. Although the receiving side of the collecting part was somewhat crushed and could not fit, I hit it and fixed it. To be honest, I can relax a little bit of music, but I am satisfied that the feeling of glittering has been reduced at all.

First of all, I installed this on MT-09 TRACER.
To install on TRACER, you need to remove Center Stand and change STANDBracket for MT-09.
As stated elsewhere, installation (Especially installation of Exhaust Band) Is difficult. When installing the O2 Sensor mounting hole of the center pipe slightly Up, the Silencer fits nicely. People who do not fit, because the angle here is bad, please adjust.
Exhaust Band will be positioned properly and will be properly attached as you carefully angle with your hands.
The volume is Large. We are installing Baffle for For Street, but you may need to wrap Glass Wool etc. and process it.
Power has dramatically improved. There is no need to get on with a low Torque shortage.
Installation was difficult, but it was good to buy!

It takes a long time for inventory confirmation and it can not be trusted in the end if there is no stock.
Let's not shop on this Big instead of this item.
Personal information etc. It is the purpose of fraud. Do not use it.
As this content is Web Big, it will never be upgraded.

Although it is a loud sound, it is not vulgar like the diarrheal bowl Exhaust System, I am very satisfied to hear the comfortable Sound from the engine start.
The shape of the Exhaust System is also Stylish and Parenthesis is good

Low Torque Torque weakened and feels easy to ride.
The fuel economy got somewhat worse.
Since I have two types of mufflers, I'd like to change it with a feeling, but I want Screw to sometimes fall within the Exhaust System and improve it.