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Until now I purchased a PET board at home center and installed it.
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I bent it to give it strength, but as the speed goes up it will be pushed back and warped.
This item was \ 2500 at the end of the year at \ 2500 and it was cheap so buy it with OK momentum even if it fails.
There are only molded items and strength is no problem.
Windbreak effect If you set the position to be hidden by the target for eyepiece, distortion becomes matter of concern and there is a problem.
Therefore, when adjusting the mounting height and correcting the attitude, I made it hide in Screen with a little foreground feeling from the top of Screen.
Even if there is no problem with distortion, when you take the sun against you, it reflects inside and blocks visibility.
Because it is not a simple curvature like Design, distortion and reflection are - - -

I was lucky to buy at a bargain price with just good Timing.
When shopping, it is convenient because it can be locked around Handlebar simply.
It seems that there is no strength enough not to be stolen, but I'm locked! I can do Appeal.
Well, if you try to break it, it looks like it will be destroyed.
It is a pity that I could not peel off the Blue Vinyl where I could insert the key cleanly.

It is an exchange from the OEM. There are no noticeable scratches in particular. There is Cord in the vicinity of the hole for Nut, but after mounting it is hidden so there is no problem. The installation purchased and installed the same Impact's Well nut. The accuracy of Bolt hole is no problem.
With the feeling that I ran slightly in the neighborhood, the height got higher than the OEM and I felt the wind pressure to the body less. I can not see the front through the screen lying down. There is no effect on the amount to ride normally, but if you are interested, such as a person who rides in solids, please consider Clear. Color imagined Yellow color system, but it is Blue series. Product Image is different.
I think Quality is wonderful at this price. It is worth buying if you do not mind the Dark smoke.

The combination of Anodized and Rubber grip is cool. Everything in the town is better than Rubber's Grip. Because it is cheap and performance is good, Recommendation.

Normally Size's smartphone is wearing a Large-grade Protective Holder, so purchase a Size for this Plus. It is exactly right, and there is nothing to rampage inside. It seems that there is some Waterproof function, so I am more relieved than bare when exposed to rain.

This time, it was cheap at OutletSale, so I bought it.
Looking at Impre of the other person, I was concerned about the low evaluation, but with no good (^ ^;

The items we received are very beautiful and easy to use.
Brake lever just removed one Bolt, it was possible to attach (^ ^ ♪
Clutch lever had a Switch of Plastic in the part of Nut, eventually removing Holder and removing the Switch, it was finally possible to exchange (^ ^;

The trial run is good, Brake lever is also easy to enter power and works well.
Clutch lever is easy to adjust, easy to grasp (^ ^ ♪

To the extent of the price, it was nice to buy a luxury impression (^ ^ ♪

Color unevenness, without scratches It is very beautiful. The Screw hole fits perfectly and I could install it a bit.
Well nut removed the existing one, I have not tried running but I am satisfied enough because I do not skip so much, I think it is about 3% higher than the OEM.

While the accuracy of Hinge and Medium is perfect, the accuracy of the 7 holes around it is not good. Perhaps my pasting is bad, but one hole always gaps. Since it seems that the adhesive strength is likely to drop when repeating the repositioning, we diluted neutral detergent solution and applied it, but one hole Gap.
Ultimately the former one was sacrificed, but those who ask for perfection may be better thoughtful.
The texture is luxurious and it is my favorite.