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Tigcraft adalah produsen yang menawarkan knalpot hand-made untuk motor Aprlia dan Ducati yang bermesin V-Twin. Knalpot Tigcraft memilik bentuk header yang unik dan performa yang maksimal.

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The infinite PCX muffler was purchased at only 150 km after PCX purchase.
a drive system -- although it was custom alike and J.COSTA of the spain is constructed, affinity with J.COSTA is good -- acceleration of a start, and middle acceleration (passing acceleration) pleasant -- surroundings measure.
Sound is also the sound in which a stress is not impressed.
It is large satisfaction!

It was installed in the 2002 model VTR 250, there was a problem with Gasket etc, but there is no particular problem other than that.
But the sound is almost the same as OEM. The other person says noisy but in my case it is the same as OEM

Although it is JMCA Certified, it sounds quite noisy.
Is it a Level that care about idling in winter ...
Well I do not think it's illegal so I think I can be relieved.

Just exchange for NSR 50 OEM Master cylinder cap.

It's Parts irrelevant to performance, but my self satisfaction is high because I am Parenthesis by Simple (О '∀ `о)

The texture of Guard is so soft that it is likely to be bent by hand.
It's completely Dress-upItems.
Excellent for points that can be attached with a loading tool only. I could easily install it even with amateur 's myself.
It seems to be a very nice item for those who are thinking about Motorcycle's One point looks.

It became a classic atmosphere clearly from NORMAL's biggest Silencer.
Installation was easy if I did according to Instruction Manual. The sound also sounds pretty good, although it is not an explosive, it is quite a loud sound (Without Baffle case) It is just right to get drunk by sound.

It is infinite and the quality is good, somewhat glossy, but the installation is also good.
Sound is not so noisy at Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence. Although it is removing the exhaust device, there is not a drop of strange Power.
If you leave OEMfootpeg, ground it before bank Sensor - - -. (By public road)
I think that Silencer is too fat owing to its prosperity.
If you make the cross-sectional shape polygonal you wanted to make a triangle like TSR or Yamamoto and earn a bank angle.
Well, seriously Circuit runers will not choose infinite in the first place
I would like you to think about public road User things a little more.
Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence probably has some difficult parts.

It is installation to the VTR 250 made by 2015.

I exchanged myself, but I have come to have less information for installation.
What I found out when things actually arrived ...

Exhaust pipe on Rear side - Exhaust Band is used as it is in STD.

Exhaust pipe gasket - ExhaustPacking is attached, but heat-resistant liquid Gasket must be prepared.

Replace O2 Sensor.

For O2 sensor, Torque wrench of O2 Sensor Socket, or Spanner head of 22 Size is required to tighten with the prescribed Torque. Since installation positions are slightly different, it is necessary to change the handling of Wiring.

Heat resistant liquid Gasket is [KITACOConvenience Parts : Capacity was enough with KC 084 Liquid Gasket.

Regarding installation, no problem.
Building - Is the finish as expected?.