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TIME IS menyediakan aksesoris untuk Gyro, Ape, TZM50R, NS-1, Monkey dan masih banyak lagi. TIME IS ahlinya dalam memproduksi bodywork FRP dengan tampilan yang unik.

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Ulasan Produk TIME IS

In order to Race this Chain guard is absolutely necessary. (Without this, I can not participate ...)
I feel a bit high, but I recommend that you buy it.

The position of Tank Cover was slightly out of alignment
Two-Grip is easy to do!
Since the position of the Under Cowl is difficult to understand if it is the attached Bracket
Tie Wrap (In Hemp palmac) We installed at
After installation it was easy to use and maintenance was easy

saying form and quality -- it is -- !. the grade which deletes some screw holes of the
Tank cover --
-- it has attached easily! It becomes easy to carry out the Knee grip, and,
It is dramatically good!

If you buy this Cowl, the
Back step will also become wanting! If the
Undercowl does not attach an external article, it is useless.

He buys it and there is no loss.

It purchases to exchange. It is almost the same in
form being pure, and Good. Especially attachment also has no problem. At the Base of
Original Coloring, it is Good at a low price pure also in price.

Although it is not the talk restricted to this product, cautions are required for a Space scramble with a Racing stands.
Product which a Space secures comparatively.

"Since it was written that seat height could be adjusted, I bought. Good points: A seat height can be adjusted by three-step as the image. Since seat height can be adjusted according to the position of a step, it is recommended. The picture is the maximum. Although I think that appearance is up to persons, it is close to a sharp form of the latest NSR50, and I like it. Since there was no attachment description, it had to be attached by trial and error. It is better for the screw thread which fixes a tank to prepare as a long one, since it is short in a genuine. Although it might be ok not to need to be fixed with a screw thread, since my tank was shaky, it corresponded with the long screw thread. Since a tank could not be taken unless it removed the seat, it was cut. I think that attachment will probably be impossible if the stay of an attaching part in a picture is cut."

By an attached Stay, it was not able to attach with APE100 at all.
Since there is no partition in the backside again, it is not an Oil receptacle at all.

It becomes use by TZR50R.
This upper cowl is good to be able to use a pure headlight.
A peculiar countenance does not accumulate.
FRP is also thick and recommended.