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TNK ENGINEERING unggul dalam menyediakan sparepart untuk modifikasi SUZUKI Katana. Parts buatan TNK ENGINEERING memiliki desain premium dan performa yang mampu memaksimalkan tenaga dan kelincahan SUZUKI Katana milik Anda.

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I installed it on the GS that I changed for Swing A KATANA
The installation itself is a degree of difficulty that can be done by an amateur without any problems
Especially GS 1000 series is dedicated less Large body can be diverted for GSX 1100 S KATANA So I think that Manufacturer is well acquainted If you can describe it in the product description I think that purchasers can also purchase without worrying about purchasers

The commodity itself is very beautiful with an Anodized Finishing No complaints with accuracy! Also look at other Manufacturer same Parts Cost performance is nice to say

GSX 1100 S KATANA riding course
I think that those of GS1000 series also have value worth choosing
We purchase TNK's items for the first time, but if there is a product that can collect information and install on GS, we will purchase this Manufacturer's Parts

As I said in the latter part of the previous sentence, if you know that Manufacturer is a common part, it would be quite helpful if I mentioned it as information!

Since OEMROD was in a crumpled state, I used the second-hand Silver of this item, but as a result of TNK's revival re-purchase. Silver is also beautiful in appearance, I think that Black can also be calm. Now it is Normal tire, but thinks that this product is a good product if it thinks to Wide .... I wish I had had Bolt on the front also included.

TNK's Parts was Design, Quality, Cost and my ideal Shop, but at the time I met, I was closed while considering purchasing. This product was finally found and used in Oakushon, but I bent due to falling the other day. Although I also used other Bar handle, I did not clearly say Design, Position, I thought I was going to give up repair !!! Resale at Wa Big?! Buy with haste! Based on previous reflections etc Continue purchasing Parts.. I could not find it in other mail-order site and I felt the bottom power of Wa Big!
As explained by Manufacturer, the feeling of use is very satisfying because it does not damage the design of KATANA!

Even if USB charging is continued for many hours, Battery is charging only 2 Memory.
While setting Touch panel There are operation windows at both corners and below, Small crackling and operating with your fingers, it reacts with Switch by window lower angle and reacts, setting is difficult.

It is not possible to set the accounting place only after confirming the destination Route with the single Body alone.

After confirming the destination Route, when returning, the Route also disappears and the search points also return and are returned to the current location. Route will also disappear. All editing is gone.
Planar Navigation is too slow and can not reach the original search place on the plane navigation.

Planar Navigation is overwhelming and there are many sightseeing places and mountain resort mountain country roads 2 Km 1? Because the ponds, rivers, place names, and mountain names are deleted on the display screen, only lines are displayed, so you can not grasp the place as a map Navigation.

In 3D display, even if it is close to the maximum Large, the narrow road is deleted, the previous road, the branch is not understood.

Portable navigator alone was a product that Route could not be set up.