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TOHTAN adalah salah satu distributor sparepart dan aksesoris motor terkemuka di Jepang. TOHTAN juga mengembangkan sparepart original seperti gir, rantai, dan knalpot untuk Ninja250R serta riding gear mulai dari sarung tangan hingga tas khusus riding.

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Ulasan Produk TOHTAN

It is being used in a usage not related to Motorcycle
I am soaked in Walking such as smartphone and Wallet, but the use feeling is also good for Large

Just one point a little inside Hook (Button) It seems that they are sweet or out immediately
This is where I'm concerned.

I normally wanted a regular use Accessory Case and purchased it
I would like to see a little impression
1. I think whether it is just fine for Large
2. Color also chooses Brown here than Black.
3. Shoulder Belt squeezed by adjustment, and putting it under Jacket would not get in the way

Where I noticed
It seems that there is a possibility that the inside bag will be broken and it will be broken
The place where the biggest Large is good is good for Large, but as Hook which stops is sweet, Large ones can not be put in

I would like to see how it is used for a while

There are more things that the score is a little bad, so I decided this decision.

It is a pin lock sheet for the C-49 PINLOCK shield of HORNET-DS.

A shoei under the sun.

Although the helmet of XL size of HORNET-DS was purchased, since its size was not suited but the feeling of oppression was felt, it purchased for size adjustment.
Although which was dubiously purchased with whether a wearing feeling changes sure enough, the feeling of oppression of the head was lost and it became very comfortable.
I also regard it can do simply as it being a good point rather than exchange considered.

It is the 5th J-Force series that [Webike-monitor] this time bought.
After purchasing first J-Force in 1996, it has used regularly.
Although he has a little tight feeling as compared with J-Force2, I think that it is because this is a new article.
If it embezzles and adapts itself to the head, it will become good exactly.
About ventilation, in play is improper in this season (^^; Since he was having a feeling from which a wind escapes on the head in J-Force2, it seems that there is no problem with it being J-Force3 which has evolved.
If the following model and J-Force4 are put on the market, please give me wearing of an inner visor.

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

Appearance is retro touch.
Matte black was chosen.
There is sense of stability that it is very easy to wear.
Since fogging length is short, right and left can be checked without interfering in the collar of a vehicle jacket, and line change and unification are made to a smooth.
It is quite recommended.