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Tokyodo adalah toko spesialis motor Cub dan Zoomer yang sudah berdiri sejak lama. Tokyodo menyediakan sparepart dan aksesoris original untuk menambah kesan unik pada tampilan motor dan juga meningkatkan kenyamanan serta kepraktisan saat berkendara.

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Harga Murah Banget. Barang Ori Dari Jepang. Presisi Sekali Dengan Motor Cub 125. Pemasangan Ngga Ribet. Pokoknya Ngga Kecewa. Puas Banget. Next Pasti Order Lagi. Walau Agak Lama Sampenya Tapi Worth To Wait. Thx We Bike!

Gloves, Accessory Case is exactly right. Refreshing and it does not get in the way and is good. Detachable.

Не мог найти в продаже багажник для Yamaha YB-1 Four.Поэтому купил этот вариант(для Honda Super Cub 50 )и установил через адаптеры.Изделие крепкое и надежное из цельного прута. I could not find a trunk for sale on the Yamaha YB-1 Four. Therefore, I bought this option (for Honda Super Cub 50) and installed it via adapters.(translated by Google Translator)

Декоративная накладка - крепление задней части защиты ног для Honda Super Cub. Накладка сделана из не очень прочного металла, не покрыта хромом и не полирована, поэтому выглядит очень дешево. Пришлось самостоятельно полировать поверхность этой накладки. После этого она стала выглядеть очень хорошо! Не понятно, почему производитель не мог этого сделать сразу? Идеально подошла к Honda Super Cub С50! Огромное спасибо Web!ke за быструю доставку и отличную упаковку! Decorative overlay - rear foot protection for Honda Super Cub. The cover is made of not very strong metal, not chrome-plated and not polished, so it looks very cheap. I had to polish the surface of this lining. After that, she began to look very good! It is not clear why the manufacturer could not do it right away? Ideal for the Honda Super Cub C50! Many thanks to Web! Ke for fast delivery and excellent packaging!(translated by Google Translator)

In a flat and wide Seat, there is enough ground plane of the buttocks.
It's a bit hard but I do not care at all
There is no problem.
Even if you ride for a long time, it is really hard to get hard
Strongly speaking, the part of the color line is colored by sunlight
Maybe it's getting thinner?

Light Brown is good for Deep Green Body. Seat, Handlebar Grip, Front basket with the same color and is favorite.

I bought it thought that it could be attached together when using Normal carrier, but it was useless. Normal carrier's Hook (Hook hanging packing string) Will fall.. I hope to disconnect Hook, but I will stop it. I will use it after obtaining a good W Seat.
Because there is no Manufacturer stock for JA07 anymore, because the price is also cheap, we will keep it as a dead Stock item.

I ordered Tokyodo Vietnam carrier flat type from Webike & it’s arrived safely, package is in good condition too. This item is made from an excelent material, very smooth finishing & surprisingly not too expensive. It also fits perfectly as describe on Honda Cub C70 mk3 1978 with 6 volts electricity. Installation also very easy, perfectly fit. If i have another motorbike, i’d get another one again!!