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TORC1 RACING menyediakan sparepart motocross dengan kualitas pabrik untuk setiap rider. Anda bisa mendapatkan berbagai macam pilihan handgrip, stang, handle lipat, pedal rem, pedal operan gigi, t-shirt, dan masih banyak lagi.

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Well familiar with hands, even if muddy does not slip.
This product has a grip bond, but,
I fixed it with Wire.
I can just wired to the groove, so I like Wiring and I like it..
I feel that there is no heart or dirt is difficult to attach.

I bought it because it was cheaper than the other Pad, but it was about half the price price.

It is more apparent than function. It is better than nothing, but those who are struggling to make beans should purchase others.

I was looking for a soft eye Grip, the price was cheap and Grip glue included included a decisive factor.

Grip Soft eyes Grip is very good, on the other hand it is easy to get dirty.

I thought that I could save the grip fee at Motocross and tried purchasing it.
Since it is Full waffle, Grip feeling is good, but I feel that the thickness is not enough yet.
The end part will grow with about 2 degrees of use.
It was a product that I could use if only one Large party party.
I think that it is reasonable to buy a reserve for free shipping fee.

I used Waffle type Grip so far, but I tried purchasing the Dual compound Block pattern this time.
I think that it is cheap because the adhesive is also attached.

The feeling I used is because Grip itself is thickened, I think it depends on preference, but Iboibo is so soft that it is just right to follow the feeling of the hand.

I went to Touring about 400 km but I felt less burden on my hands.
I think that forest roads can be controlled without problem.

Also, I think that Green also perfectly matches to Kawasaki car.

Grip Pads helps reduce thumb's legume and Grip's Dress-up effect part. Although it is shortly thereafter, ZETA made it easy for Logo cloth part to come off, but Torque One is not peeling off yet.

Dual compound grip attached to Bond, purchased thought that Cost performance is high.
After using it, Ibobo will ease the shock from the road surface, so the vibration that comes in handy will be alleviated.
The attached Grip bond is an instant adhesion like Aron Alpha so use it after inserting the Grip!

Used for CRF 450. The Pedal part was somewhat retracted to the Engine side than NORMAL, making it difficult to step. The appearance is GOOD!. It is good that the price was cheaper than other Manufacturer.