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Sepeda motor tidak pernah lepas dari bahaya curanmor. Sebagai solusinya, TORUNA menyediakan berbagai produk aksesoris dengan pengamanan ekstra seperti cover motor, gembok cakram, alarm anti maling dan lainnya dengan harga terjangkau tetapi berkualitas nomor satu.

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I bought it for for Motorcycle.
It is too long to carry, but because it reaches from the front wheel to the rear wheel, the sense of security is outstanding.

It is quite long, even if it crosses the body it is too much. I regret that I should have bought a bit more short.

Чехол средней плотности, сшит хорошо, имеет две резинки-стяжки по краям и кольца спереди для блокировки переднего колеса цепью. Чехол подойдёт для зимнего хранения мото-техники в гараже. Идеально подошёл для Honda Super Cub C50 с большим передним стеклом и железным кофром сзади. Огромное спасибо Web!ke за быструю доставку (9 дней до Москвы самым простым отправлением). The case is medium-density, sewn well, has two elastic bands-ties on the edges and rings in front for blocking the front wheel by a chain. The cover is suitable for winter storage of motorcycles in the garage. Ideal for the Honda Super Cub C50 with a large front glass and an iron trunk at the back. Many thanks to Web! Ke for fast delivery (9 days to Moscow by the most simple departure).(translated by Google Translator)

Purchased by being attracted to price. Although I was prepared for the quality as it is, the holes for the Front Wire lock have broken in about a month. It is recommended for people who are willing to replace themselves with expendable items. M Size Exactly to CUB. We are attaching RearCase but it is possible to hide Body somehow.

Since I also purchased a difference of Size before and was not dissatisfied, I additionally purchased it accompanying an increase in car.
Unfortunately, there was a defect that Buckle holding the hem part was loose and the lock would be unlocked immediately.

Since I wanted to lock and lock Randa 's handrail and Motorcycle, I purchased a little longer 1800 mm.

I think that it was about 2,700 yen at the price at the time of purchase, but I think that it is definitely cheap in the same quality of the Link lock of this length.

I thought that making was cheap, I was quite surprised by the solid nose.
The important "ruggedness" seems to be perfect ♪

If it is a tool that can disconnect this lock, even a lock of several thousand yen higher will be cut in the same way - - - I believe that this product is enough.

In Key hole, Material : There is Plastic's Shutter, it seems to protect us from Garbage and the rain a little.
Although it is about a better than nothing, I am glad that it is cheap by attaching to Shutter in addition to guteness!.

The point I do not like is that when you unlock it you can not get out of Key.
I read other people 's impression, I knew it and purchased it, but it was inconveniently inconvenient.
Because I do not need a Shutter, I wanted Key to be able to come out even when unlocking (Lol)

CB400SF (NC41) I purchased this item because I wanted to lock the rear wheel of my car from the top of Cover.
In common U-shaped Lock, we could not lock the rear wheels.
It was possible to lock it without problems with this Wide U Lock.

There is also for crime prevention, but in addition to that, wind measures is one of the objectives,
My parking lot is just the place where the wind blows through, the back turns up by the wind,
Even more severe it seems Cover was hitting the Alarm lock attached to the front wheel,
I decided to lock the rear wheel and Cover.

The key of this lock is a Dimple key.
I thought that it was a cheap but large lot.
Depending on the lock, there was only one cutout,
I am relieved. (Excessive expectations are forbidden)

I am satisfied because I fulfilled the intended function.

At this price Spec. It can not help but complain. I feel it is very well done. Cover of the keyhole can be improved a little more water resistance. Just this price is enough.

I think that it has sufficient performance with respect to price.
I think it is weak because the fabric is thinner than the same Brand Normal item, but it will not crash even if it is used for 2 years.
It's not Completely Waterproof, but I'm satisfied enough.
I would like to use it again in Repeat.